After A Long Time Jennifer Lawrence Speaks Openly About Her Boyfriend Cooke Maroney

The American Actress “Jennifer Lopez” is all set to tie a knot with his Art Dealer boyfriend “Cooke Maroney”. The Couple got engaged this February and are spending beautiful moments of their life.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

They were recently spotted outside a Marriage Bureau in New York. Lawrence and Maroney were seen together with a photographer accompanying them.

As we all know that Jenniffer Lawrence also revealed the wedding gifts list on her social media account. Her Gifts List include a Robot Mop as well as a Copper Mondo Set.

Earlier this year, You must have heard that Lawrence was talking about how she incidentally fall in love with Cooke Maroney. She has also revealed some information about how her wedding planning was going on.

Recently during a Podcast with Catt Sandler, Jennifer Lawrence talked so much about the reasons that she fell in love and marrying Cooke.

She said that she did not feel like it is the time to get married. When she looked at Cooke Maroney, She feels that she wants to marry this handsome guy.

She also told that She and Cooke Maroney are best friends and they both want to get married. They have to commit fully to this relationship. She claimed that she wanted this friendship to turn into something more.

She wanted to bind Cooke in the love strings forever legally. When you meet beloved you want to stay with him forever. So Jennifer Lawrence wanted to take this offer.

Jennnifer said to Maroney that he is the best thing that has ever happened in her life. They both really make a perfectly beautiful couple.

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