Adventure Beast Season 2: Will It Return For Another Season?

An adult animated comedy, ‘Adventure Beast’ on Netflix chronicles the exploits of Bradley Trevor Greive (BTG), a former soldier turned wildlife specialist. BTG travels the world in search of rare and endangered species with the support of his senior field assistant Dietrich and his niece Bonnie. The hilarious show, which was created by Mark Gravas and Bradley Trevor Greive, features a number of unpredictable events involving nature, such as seabirds throwing up and ferocious piranhas attacking humans.

The instructional comedy series is based on Greive’s real-life experiences as a wildlife expert, author, and humorist, and it uses silly characters and precarious circumstances to teach viewers about animals. Since its debut in October 2021, the animated show has been well-received for its aim to educate the public about the importance of protecting animals and for the mature comedy with which it deals when depicting the unpleasant realities of a zoologist’s work with bodily fluids. As a result, viewers are curious about the future of this groundbreaking program. So, will BTG continue? This is what we know about the upcoming second season of “Adventure Beast.”

Adventure Beast Season 2 Renewal Status

The plot of this instructional mockumentary series takes an unexpected turn when the naturalist, his helper, and his niece learn that not all animals wish to be saved. The series was met with mixed reviews from viewers and currently has a 5.2 rating on IMDb. Sometime after its first release, it ranked as IMDb’s 1,652nd most popular film.

Since the episode releases, the upcoming season of Adventure Beast has been maintained under wraps, and there has been talk of a quiet cancellation of the series. We won’t be able to see Season 2 of Adventure Beast on Netflix, according to certain reports that say the show hasn’t been renewed. Netflix did not officially cancel the show, but they did say that Season 2 of Adventure Beast would not be in the works.

Obviously, Netflix could change its thoughts, so keep hoping for Season 2 of Adventure Beast. We’re crossing our fingers that they’ll keep the show going for further seasons, but at this point, it seems unlikely. Netflix made the declaration following the demise of The Midnight Gospel. Although Adventure Beast will be included on Netflix’s list of canceled originals for 2022, a second season could yet be made.

What is Adventure Beast about?

This adult-animated educational-comedy series follows a courageous naturalist, his feisty niece, and his worried assistant as they travel the world in an effort to save wild animals. This is, at its heart and most basic level, a wildlife-related question-and-answer format. This, though, is by far the strongest and most out-there example. Bradley fields inquiries on a wide range of topics pertaining to the animal kingdom, providing answers that are both informative and entertaining on account of Bradley’s extensive knowledge of the subject.

As a result, he gives us a wealth of lessons applicable to our everyday lives. However, what sets Beastify apart from other wildlife shows is the unique way in which he is asked and responds to each question.

Adventure Beast Season 2 Cast

Considering the voices of Josh Zuckerman, Danice Cabanela, Bradley Trevor Grieve, Piotr Michael, and Rachel Butera, it’s clear that this is an animated series. In addition, viewers of the show will recognize Kapow Pictures of Australia as the show’s producer with Mission Control Media. Zack Bornstein, Bradley Trevor Grieve, and Mark Gravas are among those involved in the film’s direction and script.

Adventure Beast Season 2 Expected Plot

In the first season, BTG, Bonnie, and Dietrich go on an expedition to discover and conserve endangered species. They encounter all kinds of creatures and find themselves in numerous predicaments. Dietrich is kidnapped by a hippopotamus in the season finale. The biologist jokes that Dietrich must be alive because BTG and Bonnie couldn’t discover his body in the sea. When BTG thinks about who will read his book on animal information, his mother appears to him in a vision.

Dietrich’s future after his encounter with the hippopotamus is likely to be explored in Season 2. It’s likely that BTG and Bonnie will launch a search and rescue expedition to find out where Dietrich is. As they travel, they may encounter several creatures, providing viewers with an educational opportunity. BTG may also be writing his book, having come to the conclusion that Bonnie is the best candidate to carry on his work.

Adventure Beast Season 2 Release Date

There are no plans for a second season of the adult animated series Adventure Beast to air on Netflix. On October 22, 2021, without much fanfare, Netflix users around the world will be treated to all 12 episodes of the animated series at once. The educational mockumentary series centers on a zoologist, his assistant, and his niece as they travel the world in an attempt to conserve endangered species.

Australian company Kapow Pictures and American company Mission Contol Media created the show. All 12 episodes were directed by Zack Bornstein, written by Bradley Trevor Greive, and produced by Mark Gravas.

The series was met with mixed reactions from viewers and now has a 5.2 user rating on IMDb out of 549 total reviews. After a week of streaming on Netflix, it only became the 1,652nd most popular title on IMDb.

Where can I watch this show?

After its premiere, season 2 of Adventure Beast will be available only through Netflix subscriptions. The episodes of Season 1 are also available on Netflix. The show is also subtitled and accessible on Roku TV, Hulu TV, and iTunes, among many others.

Is Adventure Beast funny?

Several reviews have mentioned how much fun they had watching this show and how funny each episode was. Danice Cabanela is really funny in the program, and the entire cast is entertaining and brought the play to life.

One viewer says that while the first episode isn’t very appealing, the show improves as it goes on. Despite all the flaws, the characters are endearing and the humor is plentiful. The show is fast-paced, the setting is always changing, and it contains useful information on animals.

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