Abandonment of Ruby Rose is a positive thing according to the creator of Arrow

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Not all evil comes to harm. This could summarize the position of Marc Guggenheim, creator of the Arrow series, regarding the shocking departure of Ruby Rose from the role of Batwoman.

“I was talking to one of Batwoman’s writers the other day, and we were saying how deep this is a great creative opportunity. Frankly I think there will be people who will approach the series just to see how the writers have chosen to manage it “, revealed to Collider.

As a good producer, Guggenheim really seems enthusiastic about new challenges. We are not sure that the writers and casting directors involved think like him: losing the leading actress at the end of the first season must create many headaches for those who find themselves dealing with it firsthand. The creator of arrow he then made a comparison with the production emergency due to the pandemic: “CHow will we work with all those limitations? It is the same thing: in those limitations and in those challenges there is the possibility of doing something new and different, of propose a creative and intelligent solution. This is the fun part of the job for me. ”

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What do you think of the abandonment of the actress? What could be a brilliant gimmick for do not weigh such a significant change? Meanwhile, the first clues have already arrived on the possible new Batwoman.

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