A new trailer for ‘Stranger Things 4’ reveals the most important mystery of the season

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Since last summer started in Netflix the third and praised third season of ‘Stranger Things’, we have not thought of anything other than the premiere of season 4, confirmed long ago by the platform through a statement that also made clear the firm intention to continue maintaining its relationship with the Duffer brothers, creators of this fiction. Moreover, the door to other projects was also opened as a film related to the story.

“The Duffer Brothers have captivated viewers around the world with‘ Stranger Things ’and we are delighted to extend our relationship with them to take their overflowing imagination to other film and series projects that our users will love.”

We already have the first trailer of the fourth season: ‘From Russia with love’

After knowing that we would have 'Stranger Things' for a while, a few months ago the news jumped that fiction would begin shooting shortly and that it moved to Lithuania. And it is precisely in this enclave where this scene from the first trailer of the fourth season may have taken place, an advance that is called ‘From Russia with love’ and that reveals the great unknown that planted the third part: Hopper He is still alive and is arrested away from home, on the desolate Kamchatka Peninsula, where he will face various dangers of this world.

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Release date? Movie?

Of course, this series of episodes has not yet released. Could it be in summer 2020? And most importantly: could the cinematographic content referred to by the Duffer brothers in the previous statement address the universe ‘Stranger Things’? If so, we are already imagining watching the end of the plot on a large screen and with a XXL popcorn in our hands, a plan that seems fabulous to us. This would be a project that would make a lot of sense if we take into account the trajectory of other media series like ‘Sex in New York’ or ‘Downton Abbey’, Who finished their stories in the form of a movie.

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