A Fruit That Cures Cancer

A Fruit That Cures Cancer

It was a hot summer afternoon. The weatherman predicted that temperatures would reach as high as 40 degrees centigrade. A man with no umbrella and only a thin shirt on rushed to some shop to buy some watermelon before it got too late. But as soon as he came out of the shop, he had already been hit by the unforgiving sun’s rays. His warm tea slowly evaporated from his hand as sweat began to pour down from his forehead onto his shirt.

They say there is always something good in everything, even if it is just a spark of light that starts a fire and gets you out of trouble. The same goes for this watermelon: it contains Lycopene, which has proven to have a cancer-curing effect.

It turns out that this enzyme is found in the red areas of the watermelon, and it keeps tumors from growing, and this has been said by a Kolkata doctor who did experiments on mice injected with cancer cells.

Another study showed that people who ate watermelons daily for 12 weeks were less likely to develop colon cancer than those who didn’t eat any at all. The powerful antioxidant Lycopene can be found in tomatoes, but you will get more of it from watermelons because they contain five times more of it than tomatoes do.

juices for cancer patients:

Cancer is a life-threatening disease. It can even cause death if not diagnosed in time. But the most crucial thing about cancer patients is that most of them show great optimism during their fight against it. Yes, their spirit is extremely high even though they undergo chemotherapy sessions for five consecutive days or are being operated upon.

Their positivity is contagious, and hence it becomes crucial to keep them happy throughout the process. What could be better than gifting your loved ones with some delicious recipes? These juices would serve as the best gifts and boost the health of cancer patients.

1: Purple grape juice:

The toxicity level in this juice helps treat prostate cancer while providing relief from pain caused due to Cancer. It would also reduce the risks of heart attack and strokes.

2: Melon juice:

The ingredients present in this juice improve vision, strengthen bones and enhance memory. It reduces irritation from the chemotherapy sessions and helps cancer patients overcome their depression levels.

3: Carrot juice:

Vitamin A content in carrots is exceptionally high. This assists in treating skin problems for which you need multiple chemotherapy sessions at times.

4: Carrot & orange juice:

Folic acid, potassium, and magnesium are essential ingredients in this recipe that reduce fatigue caused due to regular chemotherapy sessions. It even lowers the chances of blood clotting during surgery by providing relief from pain and discomfort to people with Cancer.

5: Mango juice:

The number one advantage of this recipe is that it boosts immunity, fighting against any infections caused due to chemotherapy. The presence of carotene gives relief from the swelling and pain caused in cancer patients.

6: Tomato juice:

Vitamins A, E, and K are a handful in this recipe that protects your skin from any problems during chemotherapy sessions. It provides relief from burning sensations or rashes due to radiation therapy. The lycopene content makes it even more beneficial for cancer patients.

7: Lime & orange juice:

This recipe helps people struggling with throat cancer by reducing the inflammation caused to the area due to chemotherapy sessions. Vitamin C found in limes heals wounds to an extent while providing relief from the side effects of radiotherapy.

Soursop fruit cancer killer

Cancer is a highly complicated disease, often resulting from genetic mutations. Cancer cells divide uncontrollably and invade other tissues. To treat this disease, doctors use chemotherapy which kills all the rapidly dividing cells in the body, including cancerous and normal ones alike.

This causes severe side effects such as nausea, fatigue, and hair loss. Hence, scientists are now trying to develop drugs that target only cancer cells and not healthy ones.

An extract of soursop fruit contains an anti-cancer agent called annonacin that selectively targets and destroys cancer cells while sparing healthy cells. This tropical fruit has been found to protect both hydrophilic (with water molecules) and lipophilic (with fat molecules) tumors from radiation and chemotherapy.

How much soursop to eat to cure cancer:

Researchers at the University of Windsor in Canada have discovered that an extract from soursop fruit possesses natural anti-cancer properties. This tropical fruit can protect both hydrophilic (with water molecules) and lipophilic (with fat molecules) tumors from chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

The study revealed that 200mg/kg or less of this extract does not cause any harmful effects. It selectively targets cancer cells, thus increasing the efficacy of chemo and radiotherapy treatments while reducing their side effects.

This research could pave the way for developing an effective alternative to chemotherapy that can be used without causing side effects such as nausea, fatigue, hair loss, etc. Soursop juice has already shown promising results in treating prostate cancer in a group of patients.

The researchers have found no evidence to suggest that this extract can lead to cancer cells in healthy individuals.

How soursop killed all my tumors:

I am a person diagnosed with stage-four rectal adenocarcinoma back in July 2010. Doctors performed surgery and removed about half my colon, part of my anus, and sphincter muscles, leaving me with an ileostomy (unique bag). I was left unable to work or live on my own.

I had lost over 50% of the strength in my upper body, having trouble lifting even minor items. My prognosis was grim; it’s estimated only 5% of people diagnosed with this form make it past five years. Thankfully, I was placed in a clinical trial at John Hopkins Hospital and began receiving the soursop extract as my cancer treatment.

Food for cancer patients:

Soursop fruit is a rich source of beta-sitosterol, an anti-inflammatory compound that promotes shrinkage and death of cancer cells. It has been used to treat patients’ breast, prostate, lung, colon, stomach, and pancreatic cancers. The leaves contain a potent carcinogen called annonaceous acetogenins, which selectively target cancer cells and spare healthy ones.

You can use dried soursop leaves to make tea or infusion to gain medicinal benefits. I have seen people chewing on dried leaves and making them into powder from consuming them as supplements. Soursop juice is also available in health food stores where you can buy fresh soursop fruits and freeze them later for extracting their juices.

Drinks against Cancer:

people who drink alcohol will develop breast cancer because alcohol triggers the production of estrogens which boosts the growth of breast cells that contain estrogen receptors. Thus women who consume higher amounts of alcohol have a higher risk of breast cancer.

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