90 Day Fiance Star, Jorge Nava to Be Released Soon?

90 Day Fiance Star, Jorge Nava to Be Released Soon?

This time for 90 Day Fiance Star, Jorge Nava is famous among the audience for the good chemistry of a couple. His bonding with girlfriend Anfisa Arkhipchenko was pure but this season seems tough to watch. Jorge Nava was arrested for illegal sell of 300 lbs. He was caught for the guilt of having drugs and transportation of drugs. Apart from this, Jorge Nava was broken for transporting marijuana in 2018 but now there is a little hope that he will be released as early as possible.

According to the gossips of Hollywood, Ansufa is not included in this and she moved for her estranged hubby. 90 Day Fiance is a series that leaving a message for a couple that it is not like taking a snap having a baby in long-distance couple relations. The total collection of Nava explains that Nava could be released before 90 days to a designated fixed release date.

He faced 24 years of a tough time in prison without having any deal. His release with his estranged wife Anfisa is the major issue because when he was in lock-up, the two kept their romance on. Previously, Nava planned to divorce his wife Arkhipchenko upon his release in May. Nava and his wife Arkhipchenko were looked in 90 Day Fiance season 4in 2016. He claimed that his wife had dating with another man when he was arrested. According to Nava, he is a little worried about the release from lock up due to COVID-19.

He just said, when he will release from prison firstly he will divorce his wife Arkhipchenko. Moreover, Anfisa finds a new man and posted on social media “Quarantine and chill” with her boyfriend. After seeing Anfisa’s post, Jorge claimed that she did abandon his when he was in prison and said to end his marriage.

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