88 Sears Associate Login – You can Check More

88 Sears Associate Login – You can Check More:

88Sears Login is an online platform where all the employees of the company can connect to their work account. As the company has thousands of employees working from store cashiers to truck drivers, it is not possible to manage all of them under one roof. So 88 Sears company created an online login platform especially to manage each and every employee of the company.

88 Sears Associate Login will provide all the relevant information about the company and personal information, employee payroll, work schedule, and much more.

The 88 Sears Associate Login online portal is only available for employees of Sears Holdings company that reside in US territory. The Sears and Kmart have more than a thousand stores located throughout the USA, Canada, and Mexico. So it employees over 1,80,000 people who are in need of a part-time or full-time job. Each and every employee can use it.


In order to have access to all the benefits that the 88 Sears Holdings company provides to its employees, it is mandatory for all the employees to register their account and log in to this online portal, 88 Sears Associate Login. One can enjoy many services like discount policy, payrolls, work schedules, disability options, health benefits, financial benefits, retirement schemes, dental plans, etc. But in order to enjoy and avail of all these benefits, one needs to log in to the online portal.

88 Sears Associate Login:

If you do not know how to log in to the 88 Sears Associate Login or if you are logging in for the first time and facing some kind of issues. Then you are surely in the right place. Here we will provide you all the essential information that you will need when you are going to log in to your 88 Sears Associate Login Account.

How To Login – Step By Step

When you are going to log in to your 88 Sears Associate Login you need to have all your login credentials beside you. So that you can easily and quickly log in to your account as you read these easy steps. You surely need to have a PC, Laptop, or Smartphone in order to log in to the online portal. As it is an online portal, you must have to connect your device with an active internet connection. One can either use mobile data or Wifi in order to securely connect to an active internet connection. Once you are connected to the internet, you just have to simply follow the steps that we did mention below. As you will follow each and every step that is mentioned here, you will be able to log in to your 88 Sears Associate Login Account. Here are the steps to help log in.

  • Open the device you choose (PC, Laptop, or Smartphone)
  • Then Go to the main page of 88 Sears Associate Login through your browser.
  • After that, you need to click on the “MPI – My Personal Information” in the “Resources and Contacts” section
  • So you will be directed to the Login page of SHC
  • Once you have the login page on the screen, you will see the login box on the right side
  • You just need to enter your Enterprise ID and Password in the Login box then hit the Login button
  • After confirmation of the correct login credentials, you will be directed to your Associate account page
  • That’s all, you can enjoy all the services and benefits that the online portal will provide the user

After you will log in to your 88 Sears Associate Account, you will get complete access to 88 Sears company information, it’s human resources, and employee personal information.

What can users do after logging in the 88 Sears Associate Online Services:

When you have successfully logged in to your 88 Sears Associate account, you can be able to have access to so many benefits and services that the company provides to each and every employee. If you have not logged in to the online portal yet, then you can follow the steps that we did mention in the above section. All the benefits and services can only be accessible if and only if you are an employee of the 88 Sears Holdings Company and a user of 88 Sears Associate Services. Here are the things that you can do after you are logged in to your 88 Sears Associate Account.

  • You can easily check your associate working schedule from your home and updated new working hours if your shifts are changed by the administration. So you can plan your home activities and schedule as per the company timings.
  • Not only you can be able to know the status of your pay stub in the current month but also you can check the pay stub of previous months. Thus you will have clear payroll details and you will not have to go to your superiors or help desk to ask for the salary details.
  • One can change or renew coverage plans and see all the details of the coverage plans that the user opts for. Also, you can have the newly updated information about the schemes and policies that the company provides to its employees.
  • The users can view Pay cycles, State W4, W-2 Management, and Payroll Debit Card fees. There are all the details of the money deducted for what purpose and reason that every associate account holder can view.
  • You will have the option to choose for pension, retirement, and savings plan and that too on your fingertips. It is very easy and understandable to check all the plans that the company offers to all of its employees.
  • It is also possible to change your personal information through the 88 Sears Associate online portal. So that the company has your updated information and can provide you the benefits accordingly.

All the employees of the Sears Holdings Company will enjoy the benefits and services through this online portal, 88 Sears Associate. Now, we think that all of you have understood the process of logging in to your Sears Associate account. If you are facing any kind of issue or have any kind of trouble in logging in to your account. Then you can contact the 88 Sears Associate Login Customer Support. Any and every employee must not hesitate to ask for help from customer support. You can call their IT help desk number or contact their customer service from any of the below-mentioned methods.

88Sears Help-Desk Number: 877-742-6948

Customer Service Number: (800) 349-4358

Sears Contact Page: sears.intelliresponse.com/index.jsp?interfaceID=5

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