10 Best Ford VIN Decoders in 2021

Ford has been around for more than 100 years, and they have made all types of vehicles, from personal ones to racing types. Here, we will be focusing on the personal ones and those used in businesses.

They always have a reputation to keep, and that is why every model they have is superb. It didn’t matter when it was made. All vehicles made since 1981 have a 17-digit code that can tell you more about them.

Ford is not excluded, so we are addressing how you can decode the VINs found in the models from the company. Decoding by yourself is pretty hectic, and visiting the DMV is time-consuming. To solve that, here are the ten VIN decoding websites for the new or used Ford.

VinPit Free Ford VIN Decoder

VinPit is a website that has helped many in decoding their VINs. Ford is also part of it, and you can get a filtered search by clicking on the model link on the platform. It’s also possible to learn more about the Ford VIN check if you need to clear things before the decoding exercise.

A Ford VIN search via VinPit will give you the decoded details and more from other reports. There are a few reasons why buyers, sellers, and car dealers run to this website. First, it’s equipped with a vast database covering 50 states in the US with information about other vehicle models.

The data comes from government sources such as the DMV and private entities such as insurance companies and car dealing and repairing businesses. Next, it only takes seconds to get the decoded information.

When you filter by going to the Ford section, it’s much faster. Now, with such VIN checking speeds, you may wonder what VinPit will show you. The information you get will contain the following highlights:

  • Vehicle model
  • Transmission and the engine size
  • The production sequence number
  • Inspections and recalls
  • Theft and accidents history
  • Vehicle title and ownership details
  • Warranty information
  • Lien and repossession

That is enough for anyone who needs to buy a Ford, whether new or used. You will know if the vehicle is in proper condition and if it’s roadworthy. It will also aid in solving disputes when they arise and the best part is that other car models are also represented.

To get the above and more, it will not cost you anything. VinPit also gives you a chance to download the report and save it for later use. That’s how convenient it can be for those in a hurry and need comprehensive information about Ford.


VINDecoders also has a way to decode the Ford VIN via the VIN section. Since every vehicle has its VIN, this website will tell you whether it’s legit and what it contains. On the site, there is a section on the right with found VINs.

You can check on the list to see if your VIN matches any of the found ones. It also covers other models, thanks to its expansive database that covers the whole of the US. Most of the data on this platform comes from the NHTSA, safercar.gov, and NMVTIS, among other reputable institutions.


FaxVIN can also tell you more about the unknown Ford before dealing with it. The VIN decoder on the website only needs you to feed the number and hit the ‘Decode VIN’ button. It will then give you information that ranges from the manufacturer details to the assembly serial number.

FaxVIN will also inform you more about the owner, registration details, damages, theft, and warranty information. It’s free to use, and you can download the report. Do you want to learn more about Ford VINs and the decoding process? The website has ample information for that.


Another free Ford VIN decoder and checker is VINCheck.Info. It will deliver all the decoded information in a bid to inform you about the vehicle. The body type, fuel efficiency, tank capacity, and car safety will be among the details.

All you need is to enter the 17-digit code on the input field and click on the ‘Check VIN’ to get the report. It also provides the car’s history, and if you are lucky, you will see where to find the right accessories and parts.


This website hails from Baltimore, Maryland, and you can use it to check on the Ford and other vehicles. It also has plenty of helpful information to serve as a guideline. Just like the rest of the websites, you only need the VIN to decode.

In return, it will tell you what the characters mean and any other reports that match the VIN. So, apart from knowing whether the VIN is legit, it will also get you history reports on ownership, inspection, and accidents. The only problem with this website is that the details may be limited.

Free VIN Decoder

As the name says, it’s a genuinely free VIN decoder for the Fords, and again, all you need is to feed the number on the website. It will give meaning to the secret characters and add more to what it has found from the database.

This website covers the whole US, and the data comes from the government, insurance companies, and car dealers. As you enjoy the free service, the interface will not be so welcoming.


VinCheckPro is also free, and it has a variety of Ford models to choose from for better decoding. If your model is not there, there is no need to worry since the platform will always dig into the VIN after feeding it on the input field.

After the check, it will show you if the VIN is recognizable, the accident reports, warranty, vehicle problems, theft, and damages. It has an excellent interface and more information to clear the air below the model links.

VIN Decoder by VinCario

This website fetches data from various public and recommendable sources to tell you more about the unknown Ford VIN. It’s also an excellent venue to learn about VINs and how they work.

You will get details about the body type, manufacturer, transmission, fuel efficiency, accidents, and damages through the decoding exercise.


CarVertical will decode the Ford’s VIN and deliver information that involves the accidents, mileage rollback, ownership history, theft records, and anything else available publicly about the car.

The difference in CarVertical is that you have to pay to get the report. On the other hand, you will get comprehensive information that will influence your buying or selling choices.


Lastly, we have the Vindecoder with a Ford category full of numerous models to help you filter the search. While the interface may not be the best, the field to input the VIN is visible, and you will still get the report.

If you want to learn a little history about Ford and how it rose to fame, the website features that as well.


Now, it’s time to know more about that Ford before purchasing or selling it to the prospects. We know that Ford has an excellent reputation, but that does not mean you should not know more about the car in question.

Visit the VinPit site to get more information about the VIN. If you would like a confirmation, the rest of the platforms will help you with that.


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