Xupermask, the mask designed by will.i.am and Honeywell that comes with HEPA filters, LED lights and even integrated headphones

As the weeks go by, more and more people are receiving a COVID-19 vaccine throughout the world. However, even if COVID-19 ends, we will probably continue to wear masks for a while. some even propose to always use them. Therefore, it is not surprising that they still appear new models of increasingly sophisticated masks. The last one is Xupermask, designed by artist will.i.am in collaboration with Honeywell.

Xupermask is a smart mask where design prevails and the use of technologies with a standard to meet the requirements of medical institutions.

As indicated, the Xupermask is equipped with dual three speed fans to promote air circulation. It also has HEPA filters to meet the required protection standards. On the other hand, it uses a silicone face seal that, as explained, can be adjusted to each user.

Double masks, knots in the rubber bands and nylon panties: these are the CDC's recommendations to better put on the mask and increase its effectiveness by 90%

In the more section geek we found the presence of some LED indicators around the HEPA filters. However, perhaps what makes it stand out the most is the adding a headset. Not just any headphones, but some with noise cancellation, Bluetooth 5.0 and autonomy of up to seven hours as they comment.

The mask comes in two different color combinations: white / gray / orange or black / orange. The price for both combinations is the same: a total of $ 299. It can be booked on the official Xupermask website from April 8.

The (crazy) world of masks

With COVID-19 at the center of 2020, we have seen all kinds of masks and styles emerge to cope with the situation. In addition to the Xupermask some technological manufacturers have taken the opportunity to release their own models. For example, LG or Razer stands out.

Anyway, if these smart masks are not enough, there are those who even propose to wear diving suits. The eerie Blanc modular mask is also worth remembering.

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