Will Marvel's Avengers: Spider-Man be exclusive to the PS4 version?

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Marvel's Avengers as of now it is one of the most complete avengers games ever. The recent War Table, in addition to revealing the arrival of Hawkeye after the launch – will go alongside Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Ms. Marvel and Black Widow – has clarified that the title will continue to expand for a long time time.

One of the most famous heroes of all, however, has not yet been confirmed: we are talking about Spider-Man, already the protagonist of a series of his own curated by Insomniac Games exclusively for the PlayStation home platforms. Well, an indiscretion has arrived from which, if confirmed, could prove to be quite important: in the card dedicated to Marvel's Avengers for PlayStation 4, the well-known retailer wrote: "Play as Spider-Man exclusively on PS4". The wording was quickly noticed by the players, who readily shared it on ResetEra and Twitter, as you can check at the bottom of this news., after the hustle and bustle generated on the net, has however proceeded to delete the message from its price list.

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It is evident that the description should not have been presentHowever, now a doubt arises spontaneously: was it a complete error, or was truthful information disclosed ahead of time? The videogame and cinematic Spider-Man are notoriously related to Sony: the Japanese company distributes the rock climber films to the cinema, and as previously said it produces an exclusive series for the PlayStation platforms, which will continue with Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales on SS5.

In short, an exclusive Spider-Man for the PS4 version of Marvel's Avengers does not seem so unlikely to us, but at the moment we cannot in any way regard this indiscretion as truthful. For certainty, we must necessarily wait for an official communication. Marvel's Avengers, remember, is expected on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia for September 4th. The free update to PS5 and Xbox Series X will be available from the debut of the next-gen consoles.

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