Why did Billie Eilish piss off rock fans?

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Why did Billie Eilish piss off rock fans?

Billie eilish

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Billie eilish, the teenage superstar of the moment, made the rockers of the whole world angry, who have not stopped attacking her, all because in the program of Jimmy Kimmel she was questioned about whether she knew the band Van Halen And he didn't know who they were.

The singer is 17 years old and is little less than the voice of a whole generation. This is witnessed by the draft of his debut album, ‘When we all fall asleep, where do we go?’, undoubtedly one of the most successful of the year.

So much so that the American is nominated in six categories for the next Grammy, among them the most important: Best Album and Best Song of the Year.

For all these reasons, whatever you do or say is viewed with a magnifying glass and obtains an immediate impact on a planetary scale through the work and grace of social networks.

The problem here is that when asked about whether I knew who it was Madonna, Yes, I knew it. However, the same thing did not happen with Van Halen, because to say by his gesture, he effectively has no idea who they are.

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Kimmel, a declared fan of Van Halen and whose program the band went through a few seasons ago, responds as quickly as usual by pulling humor: "I'm going to start crying."

It makes perfect sense that Billie does not know Van Halen, because it is a group whose years of greatest glory were in the seventies and eighties of the last century. His latest album dates from 2012, they have not given concerts since 2015 and are technically inactive due to the rumored health problems of the guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

Makes sense. But at the same time, Billie, who recently declared himself a fan of green Day, perhaps small of certain ignorance of the history of music, because Van Halen really marked at least a couple of generations, mainly in the United States.

After the anger of rock fans, Billie's followers began to defend her, causing a great controversy that still has many people arguing on social networks.

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