Where to Watch the Series “Delete”?

An eight-part Netflix thriller, CasDelete explores the potentially catastrophic consequences of a mysterious gadget with the power to delete a person from existence falling into the wrong hands. Parkpoom Wongpoom makes his directorial and writing debut with this installment. He also helped develop the script, and he has this to say about DELETE: “The intriguing and fascinating narrative deals with the darkest parts of human nature, particularly when intricate relationships are involved.

The narrative explores the intriguing subject, “If we had the power to make someone disappear, would we use it?” As the director of Delete, a film that “will blur the lines between genres like action and drama and even include some special-effect spectacles,” I had the opportunity to try many new things throughout production. Learn the ins and outs of the Delete right here.

Delete Release Date

On June 28, 2023, Netflix debuted a brand-new online series titled Delete. This drama series will put viewers in a tense, secretive mood.

Where to watch Delete Series?

Beginning in the United States on June 28, 2023, the Delete web series will be available to watch online on Netflix.

Delete Series Cast

  • Nat Kitcharit as Aim

Aim is a well-known novelist who made headlines with his account of getting lost in the woods as a boy. He’s seeing a married lady while being in a committed relationship with Orn.

  • Aokbab Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying as Orn

Orn is Aim’s girlfriend, and she is beginning to have suspicions about him. She is resolute in her pursuit of the truth in order to out him and his deceit.

  • Ice Natara Nopparatayapon as Too

Lilly is also scared of what her husband, who is violent and temperamental to the point that he even shot their beloved horse to illustrate a point, would do if he found out about the affair.

  • Fah Sarika Sathsilpsupa as Lilly

Aim’s mistress is the gallery owner Lilly. She is attempting to conceal her identity from her husband, a rich businessman called Too, but he is a violent guy.

The other cast members are as follows:

  • Jaonaay Jinjett Wattanasin
  • Sompob Benjathikul
  • Sarika Sartsilpsupa
  • Duangjai Hiransri

Delete Series Plot

Lilly and Aim’s budding romance causes them to neglect their commitments to others. Aim is dating supermodel Orn (Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying), while Lilly is married to harsh farm owner Too Arthit (Natara Nopparatayapon). Too’s discovery of their connection throws a wrench into their love nest, which is built on falsehoods and a supposed relationship.  Too isn’t exactly blameless, given that he knows about his wife’s alleged infidelity. Instead, he begins to engage in psychological games with Lilly, who has little time to investigate her husband’s odd behavior.

Orn, Aim’s girlfriend, takes the facts too seriously and feels pricked. Orn falls into the shower cubicle after her photograph, but Lilly’s jewelry pierces her thumb, strengthening her suspicions about Aim and Lilly. But Lilly hastily to a grocery store, where she learns that she is carrying Aim’s kid. However, that’s not all she finds out.

Lilly is rushing out of the grocery store when she runs into an intriguing young woman named Claire. Tears flowing down her cheeks, Claire begs Lilly to take a photo while her hands shake. Despite her misgivings, Lilly takes the picture Claire requested and then watches in horror as Claire vanishes before her eyes.

Delete Series Ending

The girl who begged Lilly to remove her from the store was revealed to be the police officer’s daughter, and the only means possible to get the girl back was to delete the person who erased her—Lilly. Too and Aim go after the cop when they know he is behind the whole fiasco; they eventually manage to get rid of him and get Lilly.

Despite Aim’s growing realization that it was wrong to delete Orn, Lilly decides to remain with Too. He tries to make amends by having Too get rid of him, so Orn will return to him. At the end of the film, a despondent Lilly discovers a hidden chamber under the stable containing the bones of several women. After removing all the bones, Too finds that Lilly has been hidden nearby the whole time and may have known that Too’s father was involved with the murdered woman. The last scene consists entirely of the violent neighing of the horses.

Delete Series Episodes

The newest Thai series to hit Netflix, ‘Delete,’ is an eight-part confection of romantic intrigue, betrayal, infidelity, and mystery.

  • Episode 01: “Love”
  • Episode 02: “Trust”
  • Episode 03: “Falseness”
  • Episode 04: “Hatred”
  • Episode 05: “Truth”
  • Episode 06: “Pain”
  • Episode 07: “Rage”
  • Episode 08: “Secrets”

Delete Series Review

Delete explores human nature and morals and has a few memorable scenes. Supernatural elements are scarce, and so are thriller elements. The majority of the drama comes from the characters’ difficult decisions and the extreme measures they take to satisfy their personal desires. It’s hardly the worst show ever, but the length starts to wear on you.

Delete Series: Will there be Season 2?

Delete, a Thai Netflix original series has not been renewed for a second season as of this writing. Since the series premiered on June 28, 2023, Netflix hasn’t had much time to gauge the show’s success. If the minimum viewing time is achieved, the program will be renewed as normal.

The basic idea opens up some interesting possibilities, and the writing does put an emphasis on the group of characters and what drives them and their murky histories. Thus, the phone is only a McGuffin that propels the story ahead; nonetheless, we believe that further tales may be presented and would thus enjoy a second season.

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