Where To Watch Invisible City Season 2

The Brazilian fantasy series “Invisible City” on Netflix is one of its most popular foreign shows. It made it into the top 10 in many countries.

On February 13, 2021, the series was the most-watched TV show on Netflix in Brazil. It was also in the top 10 in New Zealand, France, and Spain. It tells the story of Eric, an environmental police officer who finds a secret world of mythical beings from Brazilian folklore while trying to figure out what a dead pink river dolphin doing on a beach in Rio de Janeiro has to do with the death of his wife. Carlos Saldanha’s show was a creative mix of Brazilian folklore and an investigative style like “The X-Files.”

What is Invisible City about?

The first episode of Invisible City, a Brazilian supernatural drama series, came out on Netflix in 2021. There are seven episodes in the first season. Eric (Marco Pigossi), a Brazilian environmental police officer who is looking into the death of his wife Gabriela, is the main character of the series (Julia Konrad). Gabriela was killed in the forest areas of Rio de Janeiro by an animal that people think has died out. As Eric learns more about Gabriela’s death, he finds a hidden world of Brazilian folklore creatures like the Curupira, the Saci, and the Iara.

Eric also meets a group of people who are trying to stop humans from using these creatures for their own gain. This group includes Ines (Alessandra Negrini), a powerful shaman who becomes Eric’s guide in this world, and Camila (Jessica Córes), a young reporter who is looking into the same case as Eric.

Eric has a hard time dealing with his wife’s death and the secret information she kept from him throughout the season. He also learns about the complicated relationship between people and the supernatural creatures who reside with them. As Eric and his new friends try to find out what happened to Gabriela, they get caught in a dangerous web of greed, corruption, and black magic.

Invisible City Season 2 Cast

Marco Pigossi, Jessica Cores, Alessandra Negrini, and Manuela Dieguez are among the people who play roles in the Portuguese-language show. Also, Luis Carone and Julia Pacheco Jord are in charge of putting on the show.

The show is produced by Francesco Civita and Beto Gauss. Renata Grynszpan, Cato Ortiz, Maresa Pullman, Marco Anton, Francesco Civita, Beto Gauss, and Carlos Saldanha are the executive producers.

Invisible City season 2: What should we expect?

Season 2 of the Netflix original series should explain what happened at the end of the first season. Netflix has released a preview of the second season, which hints that Eric will come back to life in the Belém do Pará nature reserve. In the teaser, we also get to see his two daughters, Luna and Inês.

In the second season, the indigenous people and the prospectors who wish to utilize Belém do Pará for business will go to war. Carlos Saldanha, who created the show, had this to say about the second season:

“The second season will be set in Belém, a major city rich in history. The new episodes depict a multifaceted indigenous Brazil from the north, complete with new entities and fascinating elements from popular culture.”

Invisible City season 2 Release Date

Season 2 of “Invisible City” will be on Netflix all over the world on March 22, 2023.

Invisible City Season 2 Review

The second season starts a few years after what happened in the first season. Eric has left, and Luna and Ines are looking for him as hard as they can. Their search always takes them back to the Amazon, and in particular to the area around Marangatu. When Luna gets there, she makes a deal with the sneaky witch Matinta, who brings Eric back, but with a catch.

As the season goes on, there are a few plot twists and a few big reveals, but with only five episodes to work with, Invisible City stumbles along and eventually falls flat in the second half, trying to cram too much into too little time and coming up, well, short. The ending, in particular, is rushed and, at its worst, shows big character changes that don’t work because there isn’t enough time to figure out why things happen the way they do.

Finding the right timing to tell a story well, without rushing or dragging it out, is always tricky, and this season 2 fails to get it right. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the story focuses on a lot of made-up situations to make sure everything works, and the characters don’t get much of a chance to grow.

The second season of “Invisible City” is a bad choice. It’s a show that moves quickly through its plot, leaving little time to get to know the characters or care about the story. You can easily finish this in a night or two, but considering how long we’ve been waiting for it, a bit more attention to detail and a tighter script would have helped this one a lot.

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