Where Can I Buy Diet 7up?

Where Can I Buy Diet 7up?

Diet 7up is a lemon-lime flavored carbonated soft drink marketed as having fewer calories than regular soda but has a very similar taste. Diet 7up was launched in 1961 by Dr. Pepper/Seven Up company.

In April 2008, the “diet” formulation changed from Aspartame to Sucralose as its artificial sweetener. In January 2014, it was announced that Caffeine would be removed from the diet variety of Diet 7Up as part of an effort to reduce added Caffeine in drinks.

This change took place temporarily for most US markets at the end of 2013 until December 30, 2014, when it became permanent on shelves everywhere else in the USA after being out of stock for six months due to high demand and low supply.

Diet 7up is distributed worldwide. It was available in the United States, Canada, and Mexico; it is now only available in some Central and South American countries and Japan (It is still sold at most stores but is no longer advertised on television as they did for decades) as well as certain parts of Europe.

Is diet 7up discontinued:

The classic lemon-lime soda is making a comeback. Diet 7Up, which was reformulated in 2006 to cut back on the bad stuff and bring back natural sugar for those who missed it, will be sold alongside its diet counterpart “with no plans to change the recipe,” according to a company spokesperson.

Diet 7up was discontinued because of the rising cost of ingredients and high sugar prices that resulted from massive worldwide shortages. After years of research, scientists at Cadbury Schweppes created a new sweetener called Splenda, which had about half as many calories but used more complex sugars derived from corn syrup.

The company started selling it under the name7 UP TEN,” which contained 1/10th the sugar of regular 7 UP. The market for diet soda has been slumping anyway, so 7 UP was going to have a hard time competing for shelf space.

7up diet:

With the rising obesity index in most countries, diet soda is being preferred by people. For them, 7up came up with a new drink named ‘7up TEN’. The main advantage was that it had 10% less sugar than regular 7Up.

After the r releasing the,e drink to the general public the response for this dr, but some Americans are still not aware of who are not mindful about this latest version of 7up.

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