When Wife Linda Was Charged of Fatal Accident, “Shark Tank” Star Kevin O’Leary Was At Dinner

Kevin O’Leary Claim that he was at dinner while her wife was charged for Fatal Accident.

Linda, Wife of A Leading Star of “Shark Tank” Kevin O’Leary, Was charged for recklessly operating a vessel. Two People were After the Boating Accident did happen in Canada.

kevin o'leary
kevin o’leary

According to the latest report and our intel. When Linda was charged with this accident Kevin was doing his dinner without any clue.

Kevin is of 65 age while Linda is 56 years old. On the Same Day, Kevin was in the Manhattan borough of New York City at the time when she was charged.

Well, It looked like he was kind of enjoying the dinner with his friends when his wife was charged for the Brutal Accident. This report was confirmed by the person who saw him there and also an Investigator.

Kevin said with condolences that as now there has been a thorough investigation about this incident. He has no further comments but just one thing. The Thoughts and Prayers are with friend and families who have lost their loved ones in this Fatal Accident. It is an Awful Tragedy and Our hearts will go out to them.

On August 24, the crash between the two boats took place in the darkness on lake Joseph. It has been confirmed that O’Leary Owns a Cottage at that Place.

After a Long Investigation of a Month, It was proved that While Linda was charged with the careless operation. The 57-year-old New York native was charged for failing to exhibit Navigation Lights.

Kevin will face a fine of $1 million and a prison sentence of 18 months if her wife is convicted in the court.

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