What Diet Soft Drinks Are Caffeine-Free

What Diet Soft Drinks Are Caffeine-Free

Caffeine-free diet sodas include Mountain Dew Kickstart, Dr. Pepper Ten, 7Up Ten, A&W Ten, Sunkist Orange, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, and Diet Rite Cola. These drinks are all made with artificial sweeteners instead of sugar or high fructose corn syrup. They are also calorie-free.

There are a few diet sodas that do contain caffeine. These include Pepsi Max, Diet Coke, and Coca-Cola Zero. However, these drinks contain less caffeine than regular soda versions. For example, a 12-ounce can of Pepsi Max has about 35 milligrams of caffeine, while a 12-ounce can of regular Pepsi has about milligrams. As for Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero, they both have about 42 milligrams of caffeine in a 12-ounce can.

So, if you’re looking for a caffeine-free diet soda, stick with Mountain Dew Kickstart, Dr. Pepper Ten, 7Up Ten, A&W Ten, Sunkist Orange, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, or Diet Rite Cola. However, if you don’t mind a little caffeine in your drink, Pepsi Max, Diet Coke, or Coca-Cola Zero are all excellent options.

What are the health benefits of caffeine-free diet drinks?

There are a few potential health benefits of drinking caffeine-free diet drinks. For starters, these drinks can help you save on calories. If you’re trying to lose weight or maintain your current weight, then swapping out regular sugary sodas for calorie-free diet sodas can be an excellent way to do that.

Additionally, some people believe that artificial sweeteners are healthier than sugar. While there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, it’s possible that drinking calorie-free diet drinks instead of regular sugary drinks could lead to some health benefits over time.

However, it’s important to note that there is no evidence that caffeine-free diet drinks are any healthier than regular soda. So, if you’re looking for a drink that will help you stay healthy, then caffeine-free diet drinks are not the answer. Instead, it would help to focus on drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet.

Caffeine-free drinks list:

Sunset Orange – caffeine-free

Vanilla Crème – no caffeine, but has a minute amount of naturally occurring vanilla beans.

Passionfruit – contains less than 3mg per bottle.

Swiss-Mocha Mint – contains less than 3mg per bottle

All other flavors do have some amount of caffeine. Would you please ask your barista for details?

Coffee, espresso drinks, and tea contain varying amounts of caffeine depending on the brewing method and serving size. According to the Mayo Clinic, one 8 ounce cup of coffee typically contains 95 milligrams (mg) of caffeine, while black tea averages 26 mg in that same 8 ounces. For comparison, cup for cup Rockstar Zero Carb packs more punch with 95 mg of caffeine per serving.

For those looking for a coffee alternative that is also caffeine-free, try one of our delicious smoothies made with natural fruit and yogurt. Our Nice Berry smoothie has 13 grams of protein and only 190 calories, while our Peachy Keen has 5 grams of protein and only 130 calories.

Drinks without caffeine and sugar:

If your favorite Starbucks drink is on the list of caffeine-free beverages, but you’d like it with fewer sugars, don’t hesitate to ask your barista. In some cases, they can add a little bit less syrup or none at all. We also have sugar-free syrups if you’d like to sweeten your drink yourself.

We recommend our unsweetened iced teas or cold brews for those looking for a drink without caffeine or added sugars. Or, if you’re looking for a little bit of flavor, try adding a squeeze of lemon or lime to your cold brew.

Healthy caffeine-free drinks:

When it comes to your health, water is always the best choice. But if you’re looking for a caffeine-free option that still has some flavor, try one of our fruit juices or smoothies. Whether you like sweet or tart flavors, we have something for everyone, and all of our drinks are made with natural fruit and yogurt.

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