The X-Files Season 12 Release Date: Is It Happening?

If you’re a fan of science fiction, you’ve probably heard of “The X-Files.” The longest-running science fiction series in the United States. From September 10, 1993, through May 19, 2002, the initial run aired on Fox. The network decided to bring it back, and its premiere was on January 24, 2016. Two feature films have been adapted from the series, and it has also served as the inspiration for a whole franchise of related media and merchandising.

What exactly are we dealing with in ‘The X-Files’? There is, however, the desire to believe, exemplified by Special Agent Fox Mulder, and the skepticism and scientific rationality, symbolized by Dana Scully. Chris Carter, the show’s creator, decided to go against the grain by having the man the believer and the lady the skeptic, despite the fact that they are both FBI agents. However, as Mulder and Scully work together throughout the seasons, they not only uncover secret plots but also see their friendship develop. Except for my favorite parts, the monster of the week episodes, that is the primary focus of ‘The X-Files. The play has been widely appreciated by critics, who have hailed it as a cultural landmark from the 1990s.

The X-Files Season 12 Release Date

In 1993, the first episode of The X-Files premiered. There have been a total of 11 seasons and 218 episodes. Many people enjoy watching the series. And their affection is what has propelled the show to this point. All eleven of the seasons were portrayed accurately. The average episode length is 45 minutes. Let’s get to the most anticipated inquiry right now. When will we be able to see The X-Files season 12?

Season 12 is yet to be confirmed. The fate of the show’s renewal or cancellation is currently unknown. The X-Files’ twelfth season has not been officially renewed by Fox. There is currently no date set for Season 12’s release as of July 2022. This does not indicate that the show is no longer airing. It’s possible that the show is now on hiatus, or that the release date for the next season isn’t set. However, the cancellation of the show has been speculated.

The X-Files Cast and characters

  • Fox Mulder is portrayed by David Duchovny: Mulder is an Oxford-educated FBI Special Agent, a conspiracy theorist, a talented criminal profiler, and an ardent supernaturalist who believes in the existence of extraterrestrials and a government conspiracy to hide the truth regarding them.
  • Dana Scully is portrayed by Gillian Anderson: Scully is an FBI Special Agent, a medical doctor, and a scientist who is Mulder’s partner. In contrast to his credulity, Scully is a skeptic, basing her beliefs on scientific explanations.
  • John Doggett is portrayed by Robert Patrick: Doggett is an FBI Special Agent who makes his first appearance in the season eight episode “Within”. Doggett served in the United States Marine Corps from the 1970s to the 1980s.
  • Monica Reyes is portrayed by Annabeth Gish: Reyes is an FBI Special Agent who was born and raised in Mexico City. She majored in folklore and mythology at Brown University and earned a master’s degree in religious studies.
  • Walter Skinner is portrayed by Mitch Pileggi: Skinner is an FBI Assistant Director who served in the United States Marine Corps in the Vietnam War. During this time, he shot and killed a young boy carrying explosives, an incident that scarred him for life.
  • Cigarette Smoking Man is portrayed by William B. Davis: The Cigarette Smoking Man is the series’ primary villain. In the ninth-season episodes “William” and “The Truth”, it is suggested that he is Mulder’s biological father.
  • Alex Krycek is portrayed by Nicholas Lea: Krycek is a Russian-American, the son of Cold War immigrants, and first introduced as an FBI Special Agent assigned as a temporary investigation partner to Fox Mulder.
  • Jeffrey Spender is portrayed by Chris Owens: Spender is a skeptic who is assigned to The X-Files after Fox Mulder’s forced to leave. He is the son of Cigarette Smoking Man and his ex-wife, multiple abductee Cassandra Spender, as well as possibly being the half-brother of Mulder.
  • Alvin Kersh is portrayed by James Pickens Jr.: As an assistant director (and later deputy director), he temporarily becomes supervisor to Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully when they are assigned away from the X-Files division.

The X-Files Season 12 Expected Plot

Season 11 of The X-Files continued from where season 10 left off, with Agents Mulder and Scully continuing their hunt for their son William. But it wasn’t quite that easy. The shocking revelation that the Cigarette Smoking Man, and not Mulder, was the father of Scully’s kid and that the season 10 finale had been one of Scully’s precognitive visions. Season 11 finished on a whirlwind of cliffhangers, with Scully announcing she was pregnant with Mulder’s kid and superpowered William being shot by Cigarette Smoking Man, but still appearing to be alive by the episode’s end.

Since Fox stated they would not be renewing The X-Files for a 12th season in the months following the conclusion of season 11, it seems unlikely that any of these dangling plot strands would ever be resolved. At first, the network said Anderson made the choice she was done playing Dana Scully before the premiere of The X-Files season 11, so that’s why the show was going on permanent hiatus. Anderson has now elaborated on her first comments, saying that while her departure may have played a role in the show’s termination, declining ratings were ultimately to blame.

Where can I watch The X-Files Season 12?

There has been no release date announced for Season 12 of the show. However, you should definitely catch up on the older seasons. It contains a total of 218 episodes spread throughout 11 seasons. These seasons are available on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

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