The Walking Dead: the author reveals: "The ending? I angered several retailers"

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular comic book works on the US scene, also thanks to a television adaptation that has strengthened the franchise vigorously. Yet, precisely because of the controversial surprise ending, author Robert Kirkman has had to deal with the anger of retailers.

The famous survival-horror comic is one of the most popular titles in the current generation, thanks to an author who has managed to impress millions of fans around the world for hundreds of numbers. Although some questions remained unanswered, some curiosity about the work, therefore, Kirkman revealed it on Twitter, as the origins behind the Walking Dead virus.

However, to better prepare the surprise ending in 193th release, the author had commissioned some artists for unpublished covers containing apparently exclusive scenes about the future of the franchise. Still, the comic ended without any narrative breakthrough in that issue, leaving millions of fans around the world speechless. But if the plan to devise a surprise ending was almost complete, Kirkman had not dealt with the dealers who, in the meantime, had already started to pre-order copies posthumously to 193 and then resell them to their customers. The sudden end of The Walking Dead it forced many retailers to cancel their presales and refund customers net of any economic losses.

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Robert Kirkman, although he still considers himself satisfied with the result obtained with the end of his masterpiece, was unable to avoid considering the issue with the dealers "a calculation error". The shopkeepers, rightly, have sent all the colors to the author for not having warned them in advance. And instead, what do you think of this bizarre situation? Let us know, as usual, with a comment below .


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