The Upshaws Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More Details

Produced by Netflix and written by Regina Hicks and Wanda Sykes, ‘The Upshaws’ is a multi-camera comedy that focuses on an average Indiana family. Bennie and Regina Upshaw are the protagonists; they’ve been married for decades but have their share of problems. Bernard, Aaliyah, Maya, and Kelvin (Bennie’s kid with Tasha) are the children at the center of the plot. Lucretia, Regina’s sister, is a major antagonist since she dislikes Bennie.

Season 4 picks up where season 3 left off, bringing the family on yet another wild and entertaining adventure. The series finale leaves viewers hanging, with the protagonists facing a decision. You may be curious about the Upshaws’ future if you enjoyed this season. Will they be able to continue their adventure in a fifth season? What is it?

The Upshaws Season 5 Renewal Status

While there have been no official announcements on a new season, fans of the show remain optimistic that it will return. Since many of the same props and settings are utilized from episode to episode, production costs are kept low, and the actors are familiar with their roles, sitcoms are relatively simple to make. In addition to its high ratings, the show’s popularity doesn’t appear to be waning any time soon, suggesting that there will be more episodes in the future.

One possible explanation for the lack of a go-ahead is that it would be politically risky to announce a new season of episodes right now, given the status of Hollywood and the media at large. The unorthodox nature of the material rollouts deserves special attention. The term “part” appears to be used for episodes. Two portions of season two were released separately, and the most recent season follows suit.

The Upshaws Season 5 Release Date

If you’ve just seen Season 4 of The Upshaws, you’re probably wondering when we’ll get to see Season 5. Season 4 (or 5, assuming we’re talking about it) is expected to premiere in 2024. There has been no official word from Netflix yet, so we’ll have to wait.

The Upshaws Story

The Upshaws interact with a black family going through typical difficulties. The show accurately depicts the difficulties that many families face. The protagonist of the show is auto mechanic Bennie Upshaw (Mike Upshaw). Regina, Bennie’s (Kim Fields) wife, is a tough woman who regularly confronts him about his actions.

In the premiere, Bennie attempts to go to both Kevin and Aaliyah’s birthday celebrations. Bennie’s infidelity toward Regina is another season-long plot point. Regina had made up her mind to leave Bennie behind. Each of the kids is dealing with their own problems. Kevin is having trouble at school while Aaliyah is attempting to find her way in the world.

In the premiere of Season 2, a young girl named Sydney arrives in town in quest of her biological father. focuses on Regina and Bennie’s efforts to mend their relationship. Kevin is torn between basketball and schoolwork, while Bernard starts picking fights, leading to even more difficulties for the kids. Meanwhile, Lucretia can’t help but stick her nose where it doesn’t belong.

At the start of Season 3, Bennie and Lucretia are locked up for selling stolen auto parts. He made the sales at the auto repair shop. Meanwhile, Bennie and Regina are working to patch things up between them.

The Upshaws Season 5 Cast

Season after season of The Upshaws has featured mostly the same ensemble cast, and season five of The Upshaws would be no different. Similar to the traditional comedies that inspired The Upshaws, the show’s core cast is extremely unlikely to change from season to season, barring the occasional unexpected exit.

The iconic Wanda Sykes would reprise her role as Lucretia Turner in The Upshaws Part 5, joined by the hilarious Mike Epps as her brother-in-law Bennie Upshaw. The Upshaws Part 5 will also see a comeback of the following cast members:

  • Kim Fields as Regina Upshaw
  • Diamon Lyons as Kelvin Upshaw
  • Khali Spraggins as Aaliyah Upshaw
  • Journey Christine as Maya Upshaw
  • Jermelle Simon as Bernard Upshaw Jr.

Tasha (Gabrielle Dennis), Duck (Page Kennedy), Tony (Mike Estime), and Regina’s supervisor Sheila (Dayna Dooley) will all be joining the Upshaw family. New cast members’ presence in The Upshaws 5 is currently unknown.

The Upshaws Season 4 Ending

At the close of the fourth season of The Upshaws, there is some information that is crucial to our understanding of Lucretia. The garage where Bennie works is also her home, therefore she’s rather wealthy. She has invested wisely and worked diligently to amass her riches, which enables her to indulge in lavish spending.

Regina and her family always come to Lucretia for advice and assistance when they’re in a jam. Bennie’s garage has benefited from her assistance, and Regina’s rehabilitation has been greatly aided by her presence. Their pal Bernard even used her assistance in setting up his gym. Because of this, Lucretia is someone who can be counted on to take care of herself.

But then she loses everything to unpaid taxes, and everything changes. She doesn’t want to bother anyone for assistance, so she keeps her problem to herself. She doesn’t give up and keeps looking for new ways to get money. But when the truth is revealed, she has to decide whether to sell the garage and save her building or retain the garage and lose her home.

If she wants Regina’s advice, she should put herself first this time. However, Bennie pokes fun at Regina’s predicament. Despite his jokes, Regina maintains her resolve. So that she can continue to have a place to sleep at night, she chooses to sell the garage. Bennie and Regina are taken aback by this news because they rely on the garage for so many things.

Bennie’s actions have revealed his true colors, and Regina knows it’s time to start thinking about herself and acting selfishly. This is a major shift from Regina’s previous behavior, in which she frequently provided financial assistance to Bennie, to her current strategy of prioritizing her own needs.

The Upshaws Season 5 Plot

The official plot summary for The Upshaws 5 has not been released as of yet. But there’s no denying that the conclusion of Part 4 hints at what the following Chapter might be about. After losing a sizable sum of money to unpaid taxes at the end of the previous season, Lucretia sold the garage she owned (and where Bennie worked) so that she could continue living in her home.

Obviously, this will cause a great deal of conflict in the fifth chapter of The Upshaws, and if the building changes hands and is converted into something other than a garage, Bennie may even lose his job.

The Upshaws Rating

The Upshaws have a bad tomato rating of 67%. On IMDB, it has a score of 7/10, but Common Sense Media gives it only 3/5. So far, reactions to the Upshaws have been all over the map. The show has received high marks for being honest and approachable. Its stories have been called stale, and its humor has been called boring, by several critics.

Where to watch The Upshaws?

Seasons 1-4 of The Upshaws are currently available on Netflix.Netflix subscribers can watch it anywhere in the world.

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