The tense crossing between two figures in world tennis: "You tweet about looting rather than the death of an unarmed black man"

Naomi Osaka and John Isner
Naomi Osaka and John Isner

The murder of the black citizen George Floyd at the hands of a white policeman in the United States It has had a global impact and has opened a debate in the sports world about racism that still persists in several areas. In this context, this Tuesday there was a cross between two great figures of world tennis.

It all started with two tweets of John Isner, a 35-year-old American who was outraged by the vandalism that broke out in several cities in his country and caused damage to several premises and homes. "Arrest everyone", he wrote when sharing a video that showed a group of vandals burning the belongings of a man on the street who could do nothing to defend his mattress.

Later, the tennis player was enraged by the fire in the Church of Saint John, a building that is 205 years old and was damaged during the protests. "This is pathetic, arrest these losing anarchists"he tweeted.

Thousands of Americans have looted shops and burned buildings (Reuters)
Thousands of Americans have looted shops and burned buildings (Reuters)

Minutes later, the Japanese Naomi Osaka He reproached his colleague, without mentioning it, that he had not come forward after Floyd's death: "When you tweet about looting rather than the death of an unarmed black man …". Along with his words, he left several emojis with clown faces, mocking the American.

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The tennis player Naomi Osaka, former number one in the world, became the athlete with the most profits, with 37.4 million dollars, between June 1 of last year and so far in 2020, according to the report offered by the specialized magazine Forbes. The Asian, who currently has 15 sponsorship agreements with brands such as Nike, Nissan Motors, Shiseido and Yonex, is currently ranked 29 in the WTA ranking.

She was not the only one in the world of tennis who demonstrated in networks after the murder
from Floyd. The French Jo-Wilfried TsongaFor example, he explained that "supporting George (Floyd) is not just behind the black American community, it is much more than that."

In turn, in Formula 1 a crack has also been generated after the declarations of the multi-champion Lewis Hamilton:. "No one lifts a finger in my industry, which is of course a white-dominated sport. I'm one of the few people of color, I'm still alone"


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