The Little Lies We All Tell Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The Little Lies We All Tell Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

One of the most well-known Japanese manga animated series available for viewing on ABC is The Little Lies We All Tell. Initially, it debuted on October 16, 2022.

The series, which was directed by Makoto Hoshino and written by Megumi Shimizu, centres on the relationship of four eighth-grade classmates who must keep their superpowers a secret in order to maintain their friendship.

The Little Lies We All Tell’s first season catches the audience’s attention with its outstanding plot and characters.

The series has a 7.1/10 rating on IMDb and a 4.5/5 rating on Crunchyroll, which is greater than expected given the strong national audience.

The audience is curious about the second season of The Little Lies We All Tell, that debuted on December 25, 2022.

Fans of Tell Me Lies should rejoice since season two has been formally confirmed for the show! That means there is more romance, conflict, and dark secrets.

We are impatient. Disney+ is presently offering a first season that follows the characters Lucy and Stephen over the course of eight years.

The series, which relies on Carola Lovering’s book of the same name, follows the couple’s toxic but intense love from the time they first met in college until they enter their twenties, with a tonne of drama playing out along the way.

This one is even more special because Emma Roberts is the executive producer. In the film Tell Me Lies, Stephen, an arrogant upperclassman, and Lucy, a recently single college freshman, are followed as they deal with the ups and downs with their toxic relationship.

Four years after Lucy’s graduation, the musical opens at a wedding before flashing back eight decades to the first semester in her first year of college.

The death of Macy (Lily McInerny), Lucy’s roommate, at the start of the school’s welcome week serves as the impetus for how the characters’ stories intertwine as the programme goes on.

Tell Me Lies doesn’t focus on Macy’s passing, though. Instead, key narrative lines that move the tale forward and cause quite a commotion as the season comes to a close include individuals in Lucy’s newly established circle of friends with their responses to Macy’s death.

The Little Lies We All Tell Season 2 Release Date

11 episodes in all of the Little Lies We All Tell series will debut from October 16, 2022, with December 25, 2022, to highly favourable nationwide audience.

arguably the most eagerly awaited animated programmes in history is this one. It is now evident that The Little Lies We All Tell fans are interested in the second season.

As the show has not yet been renewed for a second season, the release date for The Little Lies We All Tell season 2 is unknown.

The creators of the show will probably decide to renew the show for a second season given how well-liked it is with viewers.

The Little Lies We All Tell will require some additional time to announce its continuation as the first season recently finished airing. But it’s anticipated that the renewal will take place in the middle of 2023.

The Little Lies We All Tell Season 2 Cast

Since the show hasn’t made any formal announcements, the Little Lies We All Tell season 2 cast hasn’t been chosen yet. The characters in the first season were thoughtfully developed and presented by Madoka Kashihara in her writing and illustrations, hooking viewers with each new episode. Most likely, the second season of the show won’t introduce any new characters.

We might meet some new characters in The Little Lies We All Tell’s second season. But for a select characters who might appear in the upcoming season, it won’t change.

  • Rikka, voiced by Chiemi Tanaka
  • Chiyo, voiced by Natsumi Murakami
  • Sekine, voiced by Ayane Sakura
  • Tsubasa, voiced by Tsuyoshi

The Little Lies We All Tell Season 2 Trailer

The Little Lies We All Tell Season 2 Plot

An animated series called The Little Lies We All Tell brings back the days of high school, when every friend vowed to stick close.

An alien, a tough ninja, a girl without abilities, and a humiliated boy may all be friends because they have some manners in common.

They are all eighth-grade pupils with superpowers who are keeping secret from one another. The four exceptional kids make up secrets about one another.

There is currently no narrative for The Little Lies We All Tell season 2 in development. Given that everything occurred in the first season’s end, it is obvious that there won’t be much of a plot for the second season to carry on.

However, it appears that the producers have something unexpected planned for the viewers in the upcoming season.

The plot of The Little Lies We All Tell season 2 is going to be more interesting and attract viewers.

All that is left to do is patiently await a little bit longer for the producers to reveal whether a second season has been renewed.

After the season one finale, Tell Me Lies’ second season is anticipated to start up where the first left off, in both the past and the present.

Meaghan Oppenheimer, the series’ showrunner, has predicted that the situation will worsen in the upcoming season as the idea of retribution begins to dominate the narrative.

Lucy will undoubtedly react to Stephen’s leaving a party holding hand wit Diana (Alicia Crowder) with the same level of toxic behaviour she displayed towards Stephen throughout the first season.

Given that one of the major shocks of season one kept viewers on on the edge in their seats, the programme will probably go into depth about how Stephen and Lydia, Lucy’s best friend from her hometown, got engaged.

Audiences can anticipate more about the circumstances leading up to and following Macy’s death in addition to the interpersonal conflict between Lucy and Stephen.

While Stephen’s direct involvement in the accident seemed to have little effect on him, Drew’s (Benjamin Wadsworth) adjacent involvement made him feel worse than before. He’ll probably stay just as awful as always.


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