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The "human Ken" becomes Barbie: His next surgery will be sex change

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The human Ken Rodrigo Alves has just announced that he has become a transgender woman.

Rodrigo, who became known worldwide for an addiction to surgery that saw the star spend more than half a million English pounds, to alter her appearance, decided to become a trans woman.

"I'm known as Ken, but inside I've always felt like Barbie".

This was revealed by Alves to The Mirror, and he confessed that he has been living secretly as a woman for three months.

Rodrigo, who is now known by the name of Roddy has already received some hormone injections to achieve that feminine appearance he desires. Now, for example, Alves already wears a bra with a D cup.

The star, which says its “body matches my mind“, He will complete his transition with sexual reassignment surgery next year.

Roddy will also place silicone breast implants, a 'facial feminization surgery' will be done, as well as the removal of Adam's apple.

Some other changes include shaving the jaw and modifying the chin, in addition to removing the penis and testicles.

How did you realize that she was a transsexual woman?

Alves says that since he was a child, he used his mother's clothes to dress like her, and he liked toys for girls more.

Rodrigo also made a heartbreaking confession: he suffered intimidation and sexual abuse at school, and his classmates made fun of him because he seemed "feminine and weak."

The star confessed that she knew she wanted to transition during a photo shoot in New York in 2018, when she was asked to dress in women's clothes.

With information from Daily Mail.

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