‘The Girl in Woods’ Season 2 release date, cast, precap, and everything you need to know


The girl in woods was announced by crypt TV on 29th April 2021. ‘The girl in woods’ is the intellectual property of the Crypt TV. Season 1 was released in October 2021 and contains 8 episodes, each having an average run time of 30 minutes. Season 2 is confirmed by Crypt TV and is expected to be released somewhere later in 2022.
Let’s get to know about the plot.


The girl in the woods is a horror mystery and adventure story with the elements like childhood trauma, self-discoveries, love, and friendship. Such elements make the story different than the rest of horror movies/series.
Our lead is Carrie, who leaves her cult-like colony living in the woods, protecting the world from those behind the secret door. One fine day, she leaves her colony and the Guardian role of saving the world from the door. She runs into west pine and meets two friends Tasha and Nolan. And the trio fights together against the demons.


· Stefanie Scott (Carrie)
· Misha Osherovich (Nolan)
· Sofia Bryant (Tasha)
· Will Yun Lee (Arthur Dean)
· Kylie Liya Page (Sara)
· Reed Diamond (Hosea)
· Leonard Roberts (Alex)


1. The guardian
2. The door in the woods
3. The lure
4. One door closes
5. Vast Gehenna
6. Weapon against the shadow
7. Angel of the dawn


The series starts with Carrie running away from the cult colony that lives in the jungle, working to save the world from monsters, and training children to guard the door. Not only that she is running away, but she has also left the door unguarded and the monsters are out.

In west pine, she runs into Tasha and Nolan. As the people in west pine go missing, she teams up with those two, to fight against the monster. She explains her story that how the children there have to under rigorous training leaving behind the luxury that the outer world can enjoy. Sacrifice is the ultimate form of love and honesty for them. In flashbacks, she is seen having romantic feelings for a young trainee there named Sara. However, their romantic moments are a bit weird, making them look like more of a monster than humans.

Her story is not only about defending herself but also saving herself from their own people who are seen to protect the monster but are also monster-like themselves.
Tasha feels sad for her that she is assigned the duty of saving the world from hell single-handedly. She tells her not to feel guilty about failing at her duty, just because of her manipulative adults.

It is not only Carrie that is going through trauma but Tasha and Nolan are also facing some personal life problems. Tasha lives in the grief of losing her mother and her relations with her father. On the other hand, Nolan is non-binary and gay, and due to that the people torment him and add the cherry on the top, his parents also fight with him.

Currently, the missing number goes to 5 in the west pine town, and now Carrie is on her mission to save the town from Brute – the monster along with Tasha and Nolan to fight against demons. Through the tough circumstances they were going through, Nolan and Tasha take Carrie to the party where things get worsen. Carrie does weird dance and Tasha post-it away. An otherworldly creature tries to trap Tasha, however, Carrie manages to kill him on the instructions given by Tasha. Shockingly they find out that the demon is a human underneath, corrupted by a parasite insect. And Nolan has also been affected because of insects and is now corrupted. Now they vow to close the door by any means.
Following the order of Carrie’s father, Arthur is now behind Carrie to take her back, but the expert as she, defeats and kills him.

Written by J. Casey Modderno for Peacock TV, ‘The Girl in The Woods’ is a teenage supernatural mystery drama packed with ghastly demons, a secret cult, a small-town ambiance, and quite a lot of adolescent angst.

The ending:

After Carrie killed Arthur, she goes to Sara to compensate for her wrongdoings. Sara is now the guardian of the door and declares that she would only forgive Carrie only after presenting her to the council because she killed Arthur. Carrie is in dire need of a ledger of terrible secrets for closer of doors in mine. Because of her need, she goes to the cult colony where her father lives and enters his house, tearing apart the page she needs however escaping again from the place would be a little difficult. Keeping Sara into obedience Hosea sends other disciples behind Carrie, however, Carrie has smartly left.

While she was searching for Tasha, she sees Tasha’s father Alex, who is backpacking for his intention to blast the mine for apparent gold. Tasha tries to explain to him that, it is not gold but the dragon’s bones. Instead of understanding, he attacks, and Carrie had no choice left but to tie him. Running away from the disciples, Tasha and Carrie reach to mine however it is too late. Demon in Nolan had already started killing the workers and now comes in front of both of them.

One gets to Gehenna is in forest and another one is in mine and is now open.
After the demon traps Tasha in the narrow enclave, Carrie ties the demon with her robotic hand. Carrie then performs the rituals of getting the Nolan back. However, Nolan is captured back by a demon. While Carrie’s mother takes the form of a demon to tempt Carrie to get back into the world of Gehenna, she rejects the illusion.

The door closes while the retractable blade disintegrates to seal the gate. The gate is closed, but a huge threat runs in the veins of people.
Why does Carrie let their friends go to Gehenna and why does she accepts the position of guardian back and was she also corrupted by demon insect?
All the questions are expected to be answered in season two. Season two is confirmed by Crypt TV and Peacock and is expected to arrive somewhere later in 2022.
Written by J. Casey Moderno ‘The Girl in The Woods’ is a teenage supernatural drama packed with power demons, a secret cult colony, a small-town, and a best friend trio.
The story gives a Stephen King vibe and that is all the audience want.

What else do you need from the show? Just go and binge-watch season 1 and wait for season 2.

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