The Dirty D Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Showrunners, writers, and executive producers of the hit American drama series The Dirty D are Kamal Smith, Antonio Williams Jr., and Lisa Brown. The program delves into a gripping storyline that examines the fallout of having money, power, and respect, exposing themes of avarice, jealousy, and treachery.

Drugs, money, s*x, drama, and the captivating dynamics of a Detroit nightclub run by a questionable power couple are at the core of the story, which also features the gorgeous and crafty Bottle Girls.

After its May 3, 2022, debut, viewers and reviewers alike raved about the first season. The first season received an impressive 7.2/10 rating on IMDb. Season 2 of The Dirty D debuted in May 2023 and continued to enthrall viewers after its successful debut.

The third season has fans waiting with bated breath. Everything, from the release date to the narrative information, is something they are excited to hear about. Everything you need to know about Season 3 of The Dirty D is right here in one post.

The Dirty D Season 3 Release Date

There has been much conjecture and excitement amongst fans over when Season 3 of The Dirty D will be available, but no official announcement has been made. The highly anticipated third season may premiere on Tubi in 2024, according to rumors.

The second season, which premiered on May 5, 2023, is now available to fans on Tubi. A special premiere celebration was hosted by the cast members to honor the show’s success, adding to the excitement.

The Dirty D Story

Throughout the plot, we follow the exploitative lifestyles of Brick Davis and Tiffany, a crafty couple who own a nightclub and put the lives of the patrons in the owner’s hands.

Figures like Brick, who are engaged in gang-related problems, drug trade, and human trafficking, maintain a veneer in “The Dirty D,” but the terrible truth behind their mask is shown in the film.

Season one introduced visitors to the real, wild, and crazy world of Detroit’s hottest nightclub, where the laws of the road don’t apply. As long as everyone is having fun, there are no rules and no moral bounds in this game.

The proprietors of the nightclub go downhill when one of their bottle girls, Kyra, falls for Terrence, dramatically altering the course of the story. At first glance, Terrence seems like a doting lover who is worried about Kyra’s safety. It turns out, however, that he is an undercover cop assisting his department in their pursuit of Brick Davis.

The rumor mill starts turning as word gets out about the nightclub’s purported drug usage and scandalous goings-on. When threatened with a gun, Brick tries to flee the court, and the plot twists in an unexpected way.

During this time, viewers saw people’s tragic injuries and the devastation of their aspirations for a better life as they sought power and riches. At the same time, the show stresses that not all beautiful people are good at heart. Some of the bottle girls are genuine, but others are just trying to take advantage of their situation.

The second season of the show takes a more in-depth look at the trial of Brick Davis, who is facing charges of drug and weapons violations, ramping up the drama.

The Dirty D Cast

There will be a plethora of brilliant performers returning for Season 3 of Dirty D. William Swift, Tiffany Trill Scott, Mena Monroe, Albritten Makeiva, Phillip Granger, and Emory Lawrence are all part of the highly anticipated ensemble. The forthcoming season is sure to be an improvement over previous ones because of this talented cast’s electrifying performances.

The Dirty D Season 3 Plot

When Will We See Season 3 of The Dirty D? Envy, treachery, and greed are the show’s central themes. Possessing substantial wealth, power, and respect gives rise to these topics. Many films and television programs have used this idea successfully. The plot thickens and narrows throughout the series, keeping viewers engrossed and making them wonder what is going to occur next.

Drama, narcotics, wealth, and dreams are all part of the play, as stated in the official synopsis. This is where it all comes together—at one of Detroit’s trendiest nightclubs.

The expectations for the next season are a little scary. Things may escalate as people try to take advantage of their loved ones by stealing their money and influence. The program will provide thrills, drama, and suspense, as stated in the summary.

Where to watch The Dirty D?

You can watch the first two seasons of The Dirty D on Apple TV right now.

The Dirty D Season 3 Trailer

The video preview is not available at this time.


The Dirty D is a riveting story of corruption, opulence, and treachery set in a Detroit nightclub, and viewers can’t wait for Season 3 to continue. The series boasts a star-studded ensemble, high-stakes confrontations, and mounting tension, and it is set to premiere on Tubi in 2024.

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