The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

Manga novel The Dangers in My Heart was written by Norio Sakurai. Nobai Yatsu Boku no Kokoro was its original Japanese title. The sequence in question, which made its Weekly Shōnen Champion début in March 2018 and subsequently transferred to Champion Cross or Manga Cross, has completed the ninth tankōbon volume.

In addition, from April to June 2023, a Shin-Ei Animator anime adaptation was accessible via streaming. On December 10, 2023, a short spin-off original network animation (ONA) came out in conjunction with this. In January of 2024, the second season of this anime premiered. The premiere of the Norio Sakurai anime adaptation for The Dangers in My Heart was praised.

Considering the enormous popularity of the origin material, this is not unexpected. This anime comedy is widely praised for its candid and authentic portrayal of romantic relationships, a quality that sets it apart from a great number of modern anime series.

Why? Due to the fact that it tackles a multitude of present-day issues that adolescents confront, including social anxiety and alienation from peers. As winter approaches, the following is comprehensive information regarding season two of The Dangers in My Heart: release date, plot, and essential cast members.

The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 : release date

Season 2 of the series Dangers in My Heart is scheduled to premiere in Japan on January 7, 2024. At a gathering for supporters, this announcement was formally introduced.Consequently, during the wintertime 2024 anime lineup, the second period titled The Dangers in My Heart is scheduled to air concurrently with Solo Leveling and School of the Elite Season 3.

The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 : Cast

In Season 2, a multitude of characters who first appeared within Season 1 will return. Renowned for his contributions to Teasing Master Takagi-san, director Hiroaki Akagi, scriptwriter Jukki Hanada, character designer Masato Katsumata, and music composer Kensuke Ushio to Chainsaw Man will all return. Once more, the production will be entrusted to Shin-Ei Animation. An overview of the voice talent for Season 2 is as follows:

  • Kyotaro Ichikawa: Shun Horie
  • Anna Yamada is Hina Youmiya.
  • Chihiro Kobayashi, Ayaka Asai Atsumi Tanezaki, according to Moeko Sekine, succeeded Gumi Meko Han’s Serina Yoshida.

Kanna Ando introduces Iguchi The Hanzawa Yuka The forthcoming season’s introductory theme song will be “Bokura wa Sore wo Ai to Yonda” by Yurine: Reina Ueda Atarayo, featuring these renowned artists. The final theme will be performed by Kohana Lam, who also conducted “Koi Shiteru Jibun Sura Aiserunda” during Season 1.

The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 : Trailer release

The first teaser trailer to feed The Dangers in the Heart was made available in October 2023.

The trailer introduced, in addition to the primary protagonists Anna Yamamoto and Kyotaro Ichikawa, a number of new characters along with their companions. Fans have lauded season two of the series Dangers in My Heart as the most highly anticipated sequel in 2024 due to an increase to endearing characters, comedic instances, and internal monologues.

As of now, no additional details have been disclosed concerning Season 2 of the television series Dangers in My Heart. Nonetheless, while that you await the official release date announcement, why not examine the page’s additional anime coverage?

The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 : Storyline


Middle school romance based on Norio Sakurai’s manga of the same name, The Dangers in My Heart. However, that would undoubtedly be an excessively simplistic assessment.

Kyotaro Ichikawa, an unremarkable middle school boy who concealed his perverted inner self, was introduced in Season 1. His deepest, most intense urge is to assassinate Anna Yamada, who is the most popular woman in his class, among others.

Nonetheless, in Season 1 unfolds, it becomes evident that Kyotaro additionally harbors feelings for Anna, but that they are beginning to pulse. Are they capable of transcending the status for friends? On the contrary, could his proclivity for homicide reemerge?

Season two will pick up right where the first got off, with Kyotaro contending with his feelings for Anna, an individual other than his fiancée, and his concerns about potential peer scrutiny. Observe as they learn how to manage their developing relationship and challenge the expectations that it have been imposed upon them over the course this season.

One can anticipate a thrilling expedition replete with dramatic exploits and turbulent emotions upon the return for Kyotaro Ichikawa while Anna Yamada. Given the trajectory of the second time of year, it is logical to anticipate that their mesmerizing connection will continue to develop. Will they confront unique challenges that challenge the strength of their bond, or will their journey be filled with unforeseen deviations? Throughout its duration, the series consistently produces humorous and endearing moments as a result of its comedic tone.

Moreover, in addition, viewers ought to expect the integration of unique personas who will provide dynamic components to the narrative. What effect will these unfamiliar people exert on Kyotaro and Anna’s lives? As spring approaches, the allure of Valentine’s Day grows increasingly evident, prompting our beloved companions to reflect on the most efficacious methods of expressing their sentiments for each other. Is it the season for confessions and genuine revelations?

Delightful spectators cannot contain their eager anticipation as they engage in conjecture regarding the countless potential outcomes, such as character exchanges and progressions of the plot. Season 2 for “The Dangers in My Heart” has been chosen to enthrall viewers with an aesthetically breathtaking journey that is certain to mesmerize us.

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