The Chestnut Man Season 2 Expected Release Date: Is It Happening?

There’s no doubt that Netflix provides us with only the best shows and movies to watch when we’ve earned some downtime from our hectic schedules. Netflix has more viewers than any other OTT service because it offers a vast variety of programming in many different genres and languages. This includes everything from Korean dramas and Bollywood and South Indian films to Hollywood and all other foreign web series.

This time, it’s Netflix that’s come up with a truly original dark and spooky criminal thriller that’s giving viewers the willies. A second season of Netflix’s newest original sitcom, “The Chestnut Man,” is already being sought after. We’ve covered when we may expect to see Season 2 of The Chestnut Man, who we think will star in it, and what they’ll be up to this time around.

The Chestnut Man Season 2 Renewal Status

Netflix debuted the first season of Chestnut Man on September 29, 2021. Now that we know the first season was well-received by viewers and critics alike, we can discuss the show’s potential continuation. That Netflix doesn’t attempt to cash in on its popularity is, however, quite unlikely. Despite this, the streaming service provider has not yet announced that The Chestnut Man will return for a second season. Therefore, audiences will have to wait longer before any confusion is resolved.

The Chestnut Man Season 2 Release Date

The debut episode of the first season aired on September 29. According to the show’s production schedule, the next season might premiere as late as 2023 or as early as 2024. However, a renewal of the show is contingent upon first receiving approval from Netflix. The anticipation among lovers of crime shows is mounting.

The Chestnut Man Storyline

The Chestnut Man is a thrilling, violent, and mysterious show full of suspense. It follows two criminal detectives as they try to solve a series of mysterious murders in a quiet Copenhagen suburb. The story begins with the discovery of a young woman’s body in a playground. The girl was brutally murdered, and she only had one hand when she died. A tiny doll fashioned from chestnuts and matchsticks rests close to her sleeping body. Naia Thulin, a young analyst, and her new partner, Mark Hess, are investigating the case in the hopes of finding evidence that may lead them to the serial killer.

Before long, the pair discovers evidence that is coincidentally linked to Rosa Hartung, a government official whose daughter went missing. After a year without contact, Rosa was presumed dead. Thulin and Hess must hurry to stop the ruthless killer before he or she can attack again.

The Chestnut Man  Cast and characters

  • Danica Curcic as Naia Thulin, an investigator with the Copenhagen police
  • Mikkel Boe Følsgaard as Mark Hess, an investigator from Europol who temporarily returns to Copenhagen.
  • David Dencik as Simon Genz, a forensics worker with the Copenhagen police
  • Lars Ranthe as Nylander, Thulin’s boss
  • Iben Dorner as Rosa Hartung, the Danish Minister of Social Affairs, whose daughter Kristine has disappeared.
  • Esben Dalgaard Anderssen as Steen Hartung, Rosa’s husband
  • Liva Forsberg as Le Thulin
  • Louis Næss-Schmidt as Gustav Hartung
  • Ali Kazim as Nehru

The Chestnut Man Season 1 Ending

At the conclusion of the first season, after Hess had determined that Genz was the killer, Europol searched Genz’s empty apartment. He looks everywhere in vain for the killer. Inside the property, Thulin discovers police tracking equipment and photographs of the Chestnut Man’s crime scenes. Simon Genz, meanwhile, has admitted to Thulin that he is, in fact, the Chestnut Man. The investigators found a photo of Astrid, Genz’s twin, along with various German newspapers, demonstrating that Simon is still keeping checks on her and that she is currently somewhere in Germany.

When Rosa demanded answers about her abducted daughter, Genz reacted by restraining her and stabbing her in the hand. Hess finds the chestnut farm in a different location and immediately goes to find Genz. But when Genz arrives, he hits him over the head with a wrench. Thulin escaped the burning home but was quickly arrested and forced into Genz’s car. Rosa and Hess escaped through a cellar window with Hess’s assistance.

When Hess saw Genz, he tried to run him over with his car. Thulin takes control of the car and slams into a tree, impaling the Chestnut Man on the branch. The cops go to Germany while Kristine is with Astrid. Thulin and her daughter Kristine are back together again after Thulin was apprehended and Kristine returned home.

The Chestnut Man Season 2 Plotline

Season 2 of “The Chestnut Man” will probably revolve around a fresh crime investigation now that the Chestnut Man case has been thoroughly solved. The show might still be interesting even if it decides to revisit old territory by focusing on a new case that involves the Chestnut Man. Perhaps anything to do with the mentally ill guy who was wrongfully convicted of some of Simon’s crimes, Linus Bekker (Elliott Crosset Howe).

No one knows where the second season of “The Chestnut Man” will go until we hear more about the show’s renewal and the prospective storyline, but it’s safe to assume that it won’t deviate much from the first season’s incredibly successful serial murder mystery format. It’s also a safe bet to assume that the budding romance between Thulin and Hess, which was almost confirmed in season 1, will be explored in season 2.

The Chestnut Man Season 2 Trailer

Since the show was not picked up for a second season, neither the producers nor Netflix will be releasing any promotional material for it. We can have a reasonable conjecture about the trailer once we know for sure that season 2 of The Chestnut Man will indeed be released.

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