The big bet, the secrets behind Christian Bale’s performance

This evening on La7 it airs The big bet, brilliant film signed by Adam McKay that tells the outbreak of the crisis in the American real estate market in 2007, mixing comedy and drama. Based on a true story, the film is inspired by Michael Lewis’ bestselling book The art of winning.

Shortly before the financial crisis of 2007-2008, four visionary investors including Wall Street guru Michael Burry (Christian Bale) intuit that the trend of the financial markets would lead to the global economic crisis, contrary to what was shown by the big companies. banks, the media and the government, and implement “The big bet”. Their courageous investments will thus lead them into the dark depths of modern banking systems, making them doubt everything and everyone.

Awarded the Oscar for Best Non-Original Screenplay, The Big Bet was also praised for yet another thickness test by Christian Bale (nominated as Best Supporting Actor), who to better prepare for the role is compared to the real Michael Burry for over nine hours.

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“I had a lot of fun with Mike Burry, he’s clearly a brilliant man” Bale explained in an interview with Vulture. “We started very early, had coffee and talked non-stop until dark. About everything. It was an interesting day, much more for me than for him. He’s a very engaging and very unusual man, and I am incredibly fond of him. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the New York peremiere because I will be here at work, but I hope he can come to the LA press because I want to sit next to him and see if he will punch me in the face. “

After his meeting with Burry, Bale asked the costume designers to make a series of custom t-shirt identical to those that the man wore every day, and which he himself wore in the final version of the film. “I think Christian has that Michael Burry has a very emotional relationship with numbers and the market” said producer Jeremy Kleiner.

Here you can find our review of The Big Bet.


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