The Benefits and Risks of Using E-wallets for Casino and Sportsbook Payments

In a world where we are taking big steps towards modernization, physical wallets are becoming obsolete. After e-wallets entered people’s lives, their work became much easier. Nowadays, you can complete your payments through different e-wallets. People may prefer to use e-wallets because they keep their information safe or save time. Of course, these e-wallets have some pros and cons. We will talk about them in this article.

What is an E-wallet?

If we talk about the e-wallet, its ultimate purpose is to keep your payment methods, gift vouchers, and more under the same roof. This way, you will be able to access your information in a more organized way. It also saves you the trouble of carrying a physical wallet.

Some of the best-known examples of e-wallets are ApplePay, Microsoft Wallet, Samsung Pay, and PayPal One Touch. They use two-factor authentication to protect your information and have different features to increase your security. And remember, NeoSurf only endorses casinos that are legal.

Benefits of E-wallets

As we mentioned in the introduction, e-wallets have a number of advantages. These are as follows:

Easiness: When you’re spending time at your favorite sportsbook, you don’t want to waste time with the payout. Instead, you want to be able to place your bet and see the results as soon as possible. E-wallets give you that convenience. Instead of having to find your card and enter all the information, you can pay with just a few clicks.

Banking Services: Let’s say you don’t have a bank account but want to use an e-wallet. Well, it is possible! E-wallets give you the convenience of paying anywhere you want in a digital format without having a bank account. Fees are usually cheaper. People with low credit ratings can also use e-wallets.

Security: One of the biggest reasons why people utilize e-wallets is the security factor. Reliable e-wallets use two-factor authentication, which makes them secure. At the same time, the possibility of your information being stolen is reduced to zero thanks to the single-use codes you receive on your phone.

Takes Less Time: As we mentioned in the first article, you don’t want to waste time placing bets. That’s exactly what e-wallets do. Save time! All you need to do is usually open the application and enter the code you receive on the screen. This allows you to reach the result in a very short time.

Risks of E-wallets

There are some downsides to using an e-wallet. But if you choose a reliable e-wallet, most of these risks will be minimized.

Incoherent Security: As we mentioned earlier, most trusted e-wallets use two-factor authentication. However, some do not use this feature. If you are using an e-wallet that does not use this feature, we recommend switching to a more secure one.

Not All Sportsbooks Accept The E-wallet You Use: This is a very predictable situation. Not every sportsbook may support the e-wallet you are using. To avoid such a problem, you can easily find out which e-wallets they support by going to the payment methods page of the sportsbook you intend to bet with.

Not Available In Every Part of the World: If you have been in the VIP gambling community for a while, you are aware of this problem. Not all payment methods are valid in every country. For this reason, we recommend choosing an e-wallet that is most convenient and valid in your country. For example, PayPal is not active in Turkey, and players in Turkey should not use PayPal. Therefore, if you are in Turkey and think about using PayPal, this is sad news. You need to find an alternate solution. You can try ApplePay or SamsungPay.

To Sum Up

Overall, the risks of using e-wallets are almost completely eliminated if you choose a reliable e-wallet. This method is also very useful when placing bets at sportsbooks, saving you a lot of time. You can also collect several debit or credit cards in one e-wallet at the same time. So actually, the benefits far outweigh the risks. If you haven’t started using e-wallets yet, we recommend you choose one of the most useful and reliable ones and make payments easily.

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