The Attack of the Giants: the devil of the island of Paradis in a terrifying fan art

The finale of The Attack of the Giants is ready and by now it is very close to the arrival of the latest publication on Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.

In recent months we have seen the continued advance by Eren Jaeger who, after gaining the power of Ymir the founder and holding her stepbrother Zeke hostage, has given way to her plan to exterminate humanity. Transforming into a new monster, the last chapters of The Attack of the Giants presented us with the founding form of the protagonist, made of an infinity of bones and a skeletal bust from which hangs a head with a terrifying gaze.

A version that has not gone unnoticed and that has already aroused the arrival of several on the net Attack of the Giants themed fan art. Fan Edwin also decided to try his hand, presenting an illustration with the devil of Paradis. Below we can see the image of the tweet with a Eren painted in very bright colors but that certainly does not reduce the terror it emanates with its majesty and demonic face. What do you think of this Attack on Titan themed fan art created by Edwin?

A face that we will see for a little longer considering the events that occurred in The Attack of the Giants chapter 138.

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