Sword Art Online Alicization: Alice Zuberg comes to life in a fantastic cosplay

The third season of Sword Art Online introduced us to one of the most popular characters in the series born from Reki Kawahara’s light novels, Alice Zuberg who later became a Knight of Integrity, under the teachings of Deusolbert.

Alice’s popularity increased dramatically when she first appeared as Alice Synthesis Thirty, with an all-gold armor and the divine sword known by the name of Fragrant Olive Sword, elements that have given it a much more captivating design, which immediately conquered fans of the series.

Having become one of the key characters of Sword Art Online, we can definitely look forward to it a return of Alice in the next saga, where of course we will also see Kirito return to fight, despite the boy also having specific future plans regarding his life in the real world.

To pay homage to Alice’s character, and also to her spectacular armor, the fan @ emi.apollo shared her cosplay on social media, which you can see in the images at the bottom of the page. The result is good overall, quite faithful to the original, and adding some graphic effect makes it more like the anime style.

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Recall that the anime helped Kawahara in the drafting of the light novels, and we leave you to the beautiful cosplay of Asuna Goddess Stacia version.


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