Supernatural Season 15: Cast, Release Date & Watch Episodes

Supernatural Season 15: Cast, Release Date & Watch Episodes

Official News comes from the makers that Season 15 of Supernatural Series will be returning on Steaming Media. And The Men of the Supernatural Series Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins have been declared that this will be the last season of the Supernatural.

Supernatural Season 15
Supernatural Season 15

Supernatural Series has been started from 2005 and till now it is completed the total 307 episodes. Now with Season 15 the good thing about to end and journey of Supernatural will be closed.

Supernatural Season 15: Watch Online

We know The Men of Supernatural, Sam played by Jared Padalecki, Dean played by Jensen Ackles, and Castiel Played by Misha Collins. They came back for the last time. Matt Cohen will reprise his role in Season 15. Jake Abel returns once again for last time as Adom Winchester.

For that last announcement of the Season 15 Misha Collins Spreat the Emotional Tweet and Video on the Tweeter.

Misha Collins said, “What was supposed to be a small part lasting a couple of episodes on a genre TV show turned into over a decade of my career,”

The cast of Supernatural Season 15

Further, he added, “I had no idea that when I stepped onto that set for what I thought was a simple acting gig, I was actually being welcomed into a family – not just a cast-and-crew family”

Then he added for the co-star cum best friends. “I’ve found some of my closest friends in Jared, Jensen, & so many others in our cast and crew, but in all of you for the Supernatural Family.”

Other Members have joined the Misha after Tweeting the one last message. Co-star have shared the message of how they go through the journey. He remembers all of the things from a smile to tear, to fun to sad moments. Everything they have put in the message.

Collins added, “In the last 11 years, we’ve been through so many profound moments together. Our crew and cast have been through a lot of struggles, several people passed away, other people got divorced or faced serious health problems”

He rejoices the fun moments and growth of the actors, “but we’ve also watched one another get married, have children, and find great personal success. There’s been a lot to mourn and a lot to celebrate. And with you, the greater Supernatural Family, we’ve had similar losses and triumphs”

They included that all of us put out lifetime here. Many left the show and many of have joined the show. But the atmosphere remains the same for all who they left and who they are joining. Misha joined Supernatural Cast in 2018 and started the message with, “In 2008, my life changed forever…”

Supernatural Season 15 Release Date & Supernatural Season 15 Episode Download

Season 15 will be set to release on 10th October. Supernatural Season 15 will be having a total of 20 Episodes. And Season 15 Start where Supernatural Season 14 left us. Storyteller of Supernatural who taking care of the writing of the show Andrew Dabb will be one last time making the drafts.

All of are from the Production Team to the actor, Everyone got emotional after completion of filming the show. People are leaving the heaven of Supernatural. Join the Supernatural Season 15 in 10th October 2019, on CW.

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