Summertime Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Summertime Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Summertime, an Italian romantic drama that people love, is coming back for a third season in May 2022, and it will only be on Netflix. The series is based on the well-known book Three Metres Just above Sky by Federico Moccia.

The show was made by Mirko Cetrangolo as well as Anita Rivaroli, and Francesco Lagi, as well as Lorenzo Sportiello, were in charge of directing it. The series is about a girl named Summer as well as her love life. It takes place in Cesenatico, a tiny village on the Adriatic coast.

Summer Bennati, the show’s main character, is played by Rebecca Coco Edogamhe. Besides her, Ludovico Tersigni, Andrea Lattanzi, Amanda Campana, Giovanni Maini, and a few others also appear in the series.

Fans of the romantic subplot show can’t wait for the final and third seasons to come out. Let’s find out everything we can about Season 3 of the Italian controversy show as soon as possible before it starts.

Summertime is indeed an Italian romance-drama show about Summer and her relationships. Summer, as well as Ale, are 2 people whose lives couldn’t be more different.

Summer is shy and doesn’t like summer. Since her jazz musician father has left for the summer to work in another country, she gets a job at The Grand Hotel Cesenatico to help support her mother.

Ale is indeed a young man from Rome who is known for his skill on a motorcycle. He is taking a break right now because he almost died in a dangerous accident. Summer works at a hotel where his mom is the manager. He finds love in Summer, and the two of them work together to get over their fears and doubts.

The book Three Metres Just above Sky by Federico Moccia is what the show is based on. The first half of the series started in April 2020.

After the first season came out, Netflix renewed the show for a second season, which came out on June 3, 2021. Summertime is a cute, feel-good show that has already won viewers’ hearts, and they can’t wait for Season 3 to start.

This morning, season 3 of the Italian drama Summertime came out on Netflix. The book by Federico Moccia that the show Summertime has been based on is called 3 Steps Above the Sky.

It follows the character Summer, who is quiet and smart. People in the area say that she never takes advantage of young people. Even though her name is Summer, she doesn’t have any fun as well as hates the summer.

She goes to work to help take care of her mother while her father is away. Summer meets Ale, a big fan of motorbike racing who is taking a break after getting hurt badly. Laura, Ale’s mom, is the manager of the hotel where Summer works.

Summertime is indeed an Italian drama TV show made for Netflix. It was created by Mirko Cetrangolo as well as Anita Rivaroli. Executive producer Donatella Di Benedetto is in charge of the show, and Marco Chimenz, Francesca Longardi, Giovanni Stabilini, and Riccardo Tozzi are in charge of making it.

Summertime Season 3 Release Date

The date for Season 3 of Summertime hasn’t been set yet. It looks like Netflix will soon have Season 3 of Summertime. The third season of the show Summertime should come out sometime in 2022. Maybe they will put it on Netflix. Let’s wait and see what comes next.

The first weather of the Netflix show Summertime came out on April 29, 2020. The season finale of the show Summertime came out on Netflix on June 3, 2021. If we hear anything new about when season 3 of Summertime will be out, we’ll add it here. Let’s check out the trailer for season 3 of Summertime.

Summertime Season 3 Cast

Also, here is a list of the people you can expect to see in Season 3 of Summertime. Look here:

  • Rebecca Coco Edogamhe staring at Summer
  • Ludovico Tersigni staring at Alessandro
  • Amanda Campana staring at Sofia
  • Andrea Lattanzi staring at Dario
  • Matthew David Rudd staring at Dario
  • Ava Collins staring at Summer
  • Mario Sgueglia staring at Maurizio
  • Thony staring at Isabella
  • Giovanni Maini staring at Edo
  • Alice Ann Edogamhe staring at Blue
  • Caterina Biasiol staring at Maddalena
  • Abigail Boucher staring at Isabella
  • Christian Wolf staring at Albe
  • Thomas Cameron staring at Manu
  • Stefano Fregni staring at Piero
  • Maria Sole Mansutti staring at Laura
  • Eugenio Krauss staring as Bruno De Cara
  • Jacob Vigil staring at Edo
  • Athos Leonardi staring at Albe
  • Lucrezia Guidone staring at Rita
  • Amparo Pinero staring at Lola
  • Giovanni Anzaldo staring at Jonas

Summertime Season 3 Trailer

Summertime Season 3 Plot

In the first two seasons, Summer’s life was full of love triangles and confusion. She is shy and quiet, and she hates summer. She wants to run away from her life, but she can’t because of Helen.

father is starting to move around during the summer and her family needs money.

After the first season, Summer and Ale’s lives went in different directions. In season 2, their paths crossed again.

But when they run into each other again, sparks fly, as well as those who decide to try again. As the story goes on, Sophia tells Summer that she likes her, and in the end, Lola and Ale come back from a race as a team.

Lola was hurt badly, and he needed to be taken to the hospital right away. In the next season, we’ll get to see how Ale and Summer’s relationship develops.

We’ll also find out how Lola managed to stay alive and how things will shift between Sophia and Summer. Will Summer’s parents break up? We’re glad we won’t have to wait too long because Season 3 of Summertime will be on our screens very soon.

People in the area think that Summer isn’t making much of her youth. Even though she might be smart but not ugly. But the girl needs to loosen up a bit because she is always so quiet. Even though it’s summer, she’s not doing anything to have fun as well as enjoy her youth.

The girl doesn’t like summer all that much. It’s funny she was named within a week of him, but that’s just part of her life.

Only wants to work to help take care of her mother. As her dad is away, going to jazz concerts, she has to take care of herself. Summer meets Ale, who loves to race. He took a hiatus, though, after getting hurt badly.

Even so, it seems like everyone supports him, with his father being his biggest fan. We were waiting for him and wanted him to get home on his bike. The guy is not in a rush to finish his break and get back to work.

Laura, who is Ale’s mom, runs the hotel where Summer works. Later, it seems like Ale fell in love with Summer very much. Trying more than once to get her to like him. Let’s see where their contemporary love story goes from here.

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