Studio Ghibli is trending topic on Twitter: the BTS rapper is wearing $ 2600 themed pieces

For a few hours now in South Korea it has struck midnight, and the famous singer J-Hope, frontman of BTS, has decided to celebrate his birthday in live streaming with his fans. For the occasion, the singer showed up wearing two garments inspired by Ghibli works, instantly flying the study into Twitter trends.

As you can see below the rapper wore two “Loewe” clothes, the prestigious Spanish fashion house specializing in super-luxury products, for a total value of around $ 2600. The sweatshirt and pants (made by US designer Rick Owens) were released a few months ago, and are part of a new “Loewe x Ghibli” collection with an astronomical price tag.

After all, BTS is a world-renowned boy band, with around 20.5 million records sold since their debut in March 2020. The seven members of the band alone contributed 0.3% of South Korea’s annual GDP. with revenues of about 5.5 trillion won in 2018. With numbers like that, afford a Loewe sweatshirt is definitely not a problem.

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The tribute will certainly please Studio Ghibli, which has recently returned to the big screen with Earwig and the Witch. The film was received mostly negatively in the West, but a few missteps cannot possibly make us forget the mammoth contribution given to the world of animation by Miyazaki’s studio.


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