Studio Ghibli and the secret of food, why does it look so good? The producer reveals the mystery!

Looking for the first time The enchanted city O Howl’s Moving Castle you have surely wondered “how is it possible that food looks so appetizing?”. After all, the design of the dishes made by the Ghibli animators is practically perfect, but apparently there is a very specific reason that virtually no one was aware of.

Toshio Suzuki, producer of Studio Ghibli, recently answered questions from fans on Twitter, revealing some curiosities about the films. During the Q&A, a user asked the producer to reveal the secret behind the food animations, and Suzuki replied that the reason this looks so appetizing is that Hayao Miyazaki cooks the dishes himself to help the animators.

The founder of the studio loves to cook, and on the net you can find several videos where he prepares dishes for the animators during the production of the films. As for the food that is to be consumed by the characters or that requires close-ups, Miyazaki simply he makes a version of it in order to observe the way the ingredients move, showing the process and the final result to the animators.

Miyazaki’s love for this industry has no limits, as evidenced by his recent return to management after a long hiatus that many had associated with early retirement. We remind you that How Do You Live?, the next Ghibli film directed by Miyazaki, will be completed in the fall and will most likely be released in 2022.

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