Something Cozzy is Baking Up Between Archie and Betty of “Riverdale”? It’s All About Season 4!!

“Riverdale”, one of the most popular series on Netflix, has made considerable fan popularity all over the world. It is an American teen drama Television series based on the character of classic Archie Comic. After successful completion of three amazing and exciting seasons, “Riverdale” is back with its fourth season on CW. It is among those interesting series that every person who loves watching the journey of teenagers as they grew up amidst all the sinister happening in the city.

Interesting Story Plot

You will be happy to know that season 4 will bring loads of suspense, thrill, surprises, and shocks to your plate. It is believed that a gigantic romantic set up will be awaiting you as soon as you will watch season 4. You will surely know about the beautiful relationships between Archie and Veronica while parallelly Betty and Jughead. Fans are feeling shocked to watch the final episodes of season 4. (Spoiler Alerts!!)

With some of the last episodes of season 4, you will notice Archie and Betty. They are taking their forbidden relationship to the next level. It all happened as they both kissed right after their duet performance in the musical episode. But as Archie and Betty are in their feels, something bakes up among them and that is, of course, Love. Betty and Archie are thinking about one another all the time after the incident. Archie did write a beautiful song for Betty while she thinks of how she did fall in love with the boy next door. You can see their lovely shake-up in this promo for Season 4 Episode 18 of “Riverdale”.

Riverdale S4E18 Promo Reveals Archie and Betty Steaming Something Up:

As Archie and Betty both meet up in the secret bunker, they talk about the total confusion going on.  Not only do they both love their partners but also they love one another. Although they discussed how they ended up falling in love with each other, no conclusion formed.

After Archie sings the song for Betty, they both decided to end whatever it was between them. It will be interesting to watch how the series move ahead with the twists. You can watch their cross love relationships in all the seasons of “Riverdale” on Netflix.

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