Selling Tampa Season 2 release date

Selling Tampa Season 2

Selling Tampa is the new favorite reality series among the audience. Season one of Selling Tampa was released on 15 December, last year i.e., 2021 and the series was among the top-rated and most-watched shows of all time.

The main attraction of the show, Selling Tampa, is the crew being entirely comprised of Black women. The series mainly contains female stars who seem to be very successful and focus on how they will strike a balance between their professional life and family.

Fans are miserably waiting for the next season, i.e. the second season, of Selling Tampa as the first season was full of excitement and drama.

The release date for season two of Selling Tampa has not yet been confirmed but it might be released towards the end of the year 2022.

While there is no official announcement about the cast for season two, we cannot but, remain hopeful that we might get to see the main characters from season one in the next season as well; including Karla Giorgio, Anne Sophie Petit,  Colony Reeves, Sharelle Rosado, Tennille Moore, and Juawana Williams. 

Season one of  Selling Tampa comprises a total of eight episodes, so it is probable that we might get around 8 episodes in the second season as well. You can watch the first season of Selling Tampa on a very prestigious platform i.e., Netflix. 

A plot of Season 2: Selling Tampa- 

As Alexis departed from the brokerage in Season one, we might expect some issues and ramifications in Season two. Sharelle left the gate open for Alexis to return home. And when Sharelle was dealing with personal matters, Alexis was clearly irritated by the unexpected thrust.

Sharalle’s recent threat to Rena Frazier, who already has a real estate license and is contemplating her options, has hindered Anne-ambitions Sophie to create her own firm and get a real estate license.

Sharelle is expecting her first child and her fiance is in Miami. Selling Tampa Season two could potentially center on Sharelle and Johnson’s romance.

Season one left several questions unanswered, which may be addressed in the following season.

The series is full of drama and the audience had a great experience watching it. There is no update till now about the release of the season second of Selling Tampa but we can hope to watch it soon.

We will update you if any information is provided by the officials. Till then wait for the amazing series. 

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