Selling Sunset Season 7: Release Date, Cast, And All You Need To Know

It’s hard to think that Selling Sunset has been on Netflix for four years and two months and six seasons already. The Oppenheim Group docusoap has grown from a popular guilty-pleasure show to a massively successful reality franchise that has sparked a lively online debate. Those of us who already binged all of Selling Sunset know that filming has already begun on season 7, even though season 6 just came on Netflix this weekend. This is all we know about what’s going to happen in the world of fashion, drama, and real estate in the next season.

Selling Sunset Season 7 Renewal Status

Thankfully, Selling Sunset will return for a second season. In June of 2022, Netflix announced that they would be airing seasons 6 and 7 of Selling Sunset, and the season 6 finale featured a teaser with footage from the upcoming season. Selling Sunset season 7 has been announced and has likely concluded production, though it is uncertain how much Chrishell or Heather will feature owing to personal engagements.

Selling Sunset Season 7 Release Date

El Moussa affirmed in her March 2023 interview with E! News that production on the seventh season is still continuing. In an exclusive interview, Heather revealed, “Season seven is filming right now, but I’ve been off maternity leave and I’ve been excited to get back to work.” As a result, Season 7 of Selling Sunset will not be available on Netflix in 2023. Since wrapping up filming will take some time, interested parties will just have to be patient.

However, as stated in the schedule, the network is not yet ready to confirm the release date for the seventh season, as it typically takes months for post-production to be finalized before the show is approved for release on Netflix. Not only has the sixth season already been broadcast this year for the summer season, but there is also little likelihood of a seventh season returning in 2023.

Given the similar period between seasons in the previous seasons, we may estimate that Selling Sunset Season 7 could premiere in early to mid-2024.

Selling Sunset Season 7 Cast

The seventh season of Selling Sunset has a number of recurring characters from the sixth season, albeit some may have larger roles than others. Chrishell’s involvement may be restricted because the sixth season of Selling Sunset concluded with her following G Flip on their Australian summer tour.

The trailer mostly avoided showing Mary and only gave brief views of Chelsea Lazkani. Heather said in an interview that she was not contacted about returning to filming following her maternity break. The upcoming episode of Selling Sunset may deviate slightly from the previous seasons due to the preview’s emphasis on Bre, Nicole, Emma, and Chrishell.

Netflix has high expectations for the upcoming seventh season of Selling Sunset even before the first episode has been broadcast. Many fans are looking forward to additional episodes of Selling Sunset, with the expectation that the show’s seasoned cast members will continue to push the envelope at The Oppenheim Group. The Netflix smash Selling Sunset has been extended only for the upcoming season, but the show’s continued existence seems inevitable.

Selling Sunset Season 7 Plot

Season 7 of the real estate show promises to feature plenty of high-stakes situations, as drama is never distant from the show’s beautiful ensemble.

After Jason Oppenheim and Chrishell Stause broke up, it appears there are still some unsolved concerns. There may still be tensions between Jason and Chrishell, who are now both dating Marie-Lou Nuerk, and Jason and Chrishell, who are now both married to Australian musician G Flip.

Bre Tiesi has returned, and this time she’s not just bringing more A-listers with her. Bre’s unorthodox relationship with Nick Cannon, who has 12 children by six women, was a sore spot for Chelsea Lazkani last season. Is this the end of the drama, or will these problems persist?

When tensions between Chrishell and Nicole Young reached a boiling point in Palm Springs during season 6, Chrishell accused Nicole of using drugs. Season 7 will focus on the fallout from their rivalry after Nicole’s denial of the claims and subsequent drug test confirmed her innocence. Season 6 concluded during Heather’s baby shower, thus the happy ending is that the baby is expected shortly.

Selling Sunset Season 7 Trailer

There may not be a trailer for season 7 of Selling Sunset, but there is a sneak peek towards the end of the season 6 finale on Netflix!

Where to watch Selling Sunset?

The next seventh season of Selling Sunset, as well as all prior seasons, will premiere exclusively on Netflix. Various Netflix membership plans will also provide users access to other programs in the same genre. The Netflix streaming quality and the number of devices you can use simultaneously are both determined by the plan you select.

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