Scavengers Reign Season 2 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

Scavengers Reign Season 2 release date, cast, storyline, trailer release, and everything you need to know

Scavengers Reign, the acclaimed adult animated science fiction drama that premiered in 2023, left fans hungry for more after its gripping 12-episode first season. Created by Joseph Bennett and Charles Huettner and based on their 2016 short film Scavengers, the series follows survivors of a destroyed interstellar cargo ship who find themselves stranded on a deceptively beautiful but deadly alien planet called Vesta. As viewers eagerly await news on the future of the show, let’s dive into everything we know so far about the potential Scavengers Reign Season 2.

Scavengers Reign Season 2 Release Date:

As of June 2024, Scavengers Reign has not received an official renewal for a second season. However, in interviews, the show’s creators and producers have expressed enthusiasm about continuing the story. Co-creator Joseph Bennett stated they have “mapped out quite a bit” in terms of plans for future seasons. Executive producer Sean Buckelew also said they “have a couple more seasons mapped out” with “very developed ideas for next season.”

Given the show’s critical acclaim—it holds a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes—and the creators’ vision for more, a renewal seems likely. If greenlit soon, we could optimistically see Scavengers Reign Season 2 premiere in mid-to-late 2025, based on the typical production timeline for an animated series of this scale. However, it’s important to note that in May 2024, Max announced the show’s cancellation before Netflix acquired the rights to the first season. The success of the first season on Netflix will likely determine the final decision on Season 2.

Scavengers Reign Series Storyline Overview:

The show centers on the surviving crew members of the deep space freighter Demeter 227 after it’s damaged by a solar flare. Stranded on the lush but lethal planet Vesta, the main characters include:

  • Azi, a cargo specialist, and her robot companion Levi
  • Sam, the Demeter’s commander, and Ursula, a horticulturist
  • Kamen, an isolated crewman, bonded with a telepathic creature called Hollow.

As the survivors navigate the wonders and horrors of the alien environment, they uncover dark secrets about Vesta, Hollow’s growing power, and their own crewmates. The first season sees them fighting to endure while attempting to make contact with the wreckage of the Demeter in hopes of escape or rescue.

Scavengers Reign Season 2 Expected Storyline: 

While Season 1 provided a satisfying arc, it still left many intriguing threads to explore. The finale saw most of the surviving characters begin to adapt to life on Vesta in a makeshift colony. However, the fates of certain key figures, like Kamen and the mutated robot Levi, remain unclear.

Season 2 could further dive into the mysteries of Vesta’s complex ecosystem and the ancient beings that seem to inhabit it. With some of Levi’s offshoots making it off-planet with the dubious Kris, the story’s scope may expand to a wider universe. There’s also potential to explore the early days of the other group of humans who crashed on Vesta long before Demeter. As the show continues to probe the boundaries between organic life and A.I., expect more mind-bending sci-fi drama.

Scavengers Reign Series List of Cast Members:

Scavengers Reign’s voice cast includes several notable names:

  • Sunita Mani as Ursula
  • Wunmi Mosaku as Azi
  • Alia Shawkat as Levi/Fiona
  • Bob Stephenson as Sam
  • Ted Travelstead as Kamen
  • Sepideh Moafi as Mia
  • Skyler Gisondo as Charlie

While not yet confirmed, the main cast is likely to return for Season 2 should it move forward, along with potential new additions to the ensemble.

Scavengers Reign Series list of Cast Members:

The number and titles of episodes in Scavengers Reign Season 2 are currently unknown due to the lack of an official announcement. Season 1 consisted of 12 episodes, listed below:

Episode No. 1: “The Signal”

Episode No. 2: “The Storm”

Episode No. 3: “The Wall”

Episode No. 4: “The Dream”

Episode No. 5: “The Demeter”

Episode No. 6: “The Fall”

Episode No. 7: “The Cure”

Episode No. 8: “The Nest”

Episode No. 9: “The Mountain”

Episode No. 10: “The Decision”

Episode No. 11: “The Return”

Episode No. 12: “The Reunion”

If renewed, Season 2 would likely have a similar episode count. The show’s creators have hinted at having extensive plans for future storylines.

Scavengers Reign Series Creators Team: 

Scavengers Reign is the brainchild of Joseph Bennett and Charles Huettner, who also served as executive producers alongside Sean Buckelew, James Merrill, Chris Prynoski, and others. The show was produced by the studios Titmouse, Inc., and Green Street Pictures, with animation from teams across the United States, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, and France.

Bennett and Huettner originally created the Scavengers concept as a short film for Adult Swim in 2016. The duo expanded the concept into a series pilot, which Adult Swim ultimately rejected, and then brought the project to HBO Max, where it found a home. We expect the core creative team to stay in place should Season 2 happen.

Where to Watch Scavengers Reign Season 2?

While Scavengers Reign Season 1 premiered on HBO Max (now known simply as Max), the streamer announced the show’s cancellation in May 2024. However, Netflix has since acquired the rights to the first season.

The future of Scavengers Reign Season 2 likely depends on how well Season 1 performs once it debuts on Netflix on May 31, 2024, in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, and New Zealand. If renewed, Season 2 would presumably be a Netflix original series. This move could potentially give the show an even larger audience and a better chance of continuation.

Scavengers Reign Season 2 Trailer Release Date:

Scavengers Reign Season 2 currently lacks a trailer because the season has not yet received confirmation. Usually, we release a trailer a few months before the season premiere. Fans can likely expect a Season 2 trailer in early to mid-2025, ahead of a potential release later that year, if the show receives a renewal.

However, viewers can revisit the Season 1 trailer and all 12 episodes on Netflix starting May 31, 2024. The mind-bending visuals and intricate world-building are well worth a re-watch or a first look for those who missed the show’s initial run on Max.

Scavengers Reign Season 2: Final Words:

Scavengers Reign’s first season delivered a stunning, thought-provoking dive into a sci-fi world both wondrous and unsettling. With its all-star voice cast, lush animation, and captivating storytelling, it’s no surprise that fans are clamoring for more.

While the show’s future was briefly in limbo after its cancellation by Max, the acquisition by Netflix offers new hope for Scavengers Reign Season 2. The creators have made it clear they have plenty more stories to tell, should they get the opportunity.

As we await official news on the show’s renewal, viewers can catch up on Season 1 on Netflix and join the growing chorus of fans eager to see the mysteries of planet Vesta further unravel. With any luck, we’ll be exploring more of this fascinating animated universe in Scavengers Reign Season 2 in the not-too-distant future. Stay tuned for updates on this captivating sci-fi saga.

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