Santa Clarita Diet season 4 has been canceled

Santa Clarita Diet season 4


Netflix comedy-drama that has not been getting expected viewers’ responses from the last three seasons, mainly because of the unique humor it has tried to portray. A story of husband and wife who become zombies after consuming some special bread and then they start killing people for their own survival. The story plot might look horror in a way but humor has been it’s forte. Three seasons completed and Netflix has canceled the release of its Santa Clarita Diet season 4. It is disappointing news for the team and also the fans who have been watching it from the very beginning.

Why has the series been canceled?

The reports confirm that the series will not continue with its fourth season probably because Netflix could not generate enough revenue from the last three seasons and the show failed to gain popularity. Something unique does not work all the time. The production team thought to go with something never heard of but the plans took a different course obviously. For a season to be renewed there are certain parameters that have to be fulfilled which the team of Santa clarity diet could not. It would have been released by the end of March this year but couldn’t because of the nonrenewal of the contract.

What next?

The production team might still be having some hopes to get it renewed at some point in time or they have been looking for some other options but because the things did not work well with Netflix, there is no sign of season 4 being launched in recent times. The cast and the crew might be disappointed but might be there is something better in store for them. Coming up with something different than previous ones might be a good option at the moment.

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