Robbie Williams Documentary Series: Release Date, Trailer, and Everything We Know Far

Netflix is getting ready to introduce another exciting addition to its portfolio after the success of great documentary series including Harry & Meghan, Pamela, a Love Story, Money Shot: The Pornhub Story, and the just-released Beckham. They’re focusing on English singer-songwriter Robbie Williams this time.

This planned documentary series, which is slated to debut in November 2023, seems like it will provide an insightful and personal look at Robbie Williams’s life and work. Robbie Williams is a fascinating and interesting documentary subject because of his enormous history in the music business and the emotional journey he has recorded via three decades of rare behind-the-scenes films. You’ve come to the correct spot if you want to know more about the impending release. Check out below as we reveal all the details that you require to understand regarding the Robbie Williams docuseries!

Robbie Williams Release Date

On November 8th, you’ll be able to watch Robbie Williams on Netflix. Netflix originally teased the project back in September, when they announced the documentary on X (previously Twitter). Along with the news, Netflix released a teaser including footage from throughout Williams’ career, from his early days in 1990 to his performance in front of thousands at Knebworth in 2003.

About Robbie Williams Documentary

A new Netflix documentary will take viewers on a thrilling 30-year journey through the remarkable career of the legendary Robbie Williams. This film masterwork explores the life of the mysterious artist in great detail, following him through his fight against addiction, his indelible exit from the mega-popular band Take That, and the band’s subsequent amazing comeback.

In this emotional roller coaster, Robbie guides you through time using interviews and archival footage from his life. Dazzling footage from throughout Robbie’s whole career flashes across the screen to the harmonious accompaniment of many ethereal voiceovers.

The trailer alone is like jumping into a time machine to watch Robbie’s extraordinary trip, full of rare and priceless material. This celebrity docuseries offers to be a luxurious treasure among the sea of engaging material on Netflix this year, at a time when we appreciate learning the inner workings of the affluent and famous.

Robbie Williams Trailer

On October 11th, a new teaser dropped, including a never-before-seen archival video of the singer Robbie and his family, as well as cut-away interviews in which they address the camera directly: On September 28th, Netflix released a teaser for Robbie’s documentary via X (previously known as the Twitter account).

Trailer viewers are treated to a plethora of throwback Robbie clips, including one in which he confesses, “I really wish I did something else for a living,” just before he’s about to go on stage. Off-camera, he is heard telling one of his kids that they can see the documentary when they are older.

Netflix included a brief teaser trailer for Robbie’s docuseries with the announcement of the show. In a voiceover, Robbie is heard stating, “The thing that would destroy me has also made me successful.” The teaser shows footage from throughout Robbie’s career. Huge. Added. Stroke the flames. Just hit the button. The ‘pull’ symbol should be pushed. All of these factors contributed to my professional success, but they also provided some drawbacks. It’s all about which wolf you choose to feed.”

Robbie Williams Episodes

There will be four episodes total, and each one will most likely run for an hour. Beginning at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, November 8th, all four episodes will be available to stream on Netflix.


Netflix has provided us with a treasure trove of documentary jewels this year within the bright constellation of entertainment it has supplied, a constellation aglow with the fame of our favorite celebrities. Among these bright lights, we find the indestructible David Beckham and the immortal Arnold Schwarzenegger.

These films are more than simply documentaries; they take us on an exciting adventure through the lives of these worldwide superstars. We’re given an inside look into the lives of the stars who became both a cultural phenomenon and a political force in Hollywood. Netflix has expertly captured the character of these extraordinary people.

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