Rick and Morty have their season 5 almost ready and Roiland wants the episodes to be monthly

The fourth season of Rick and Morty It is already complete and it is time to put the view in season 5, which seems to be almost finished in the absence of reviewing certain aspects that could take a while to complete due to the pandemic.

It has been the creator of the series, Justin Roiland, who has ensured that the new episodes are quite advanced. “I know that the fifth season is almost ready. They still have to check it when the animatics come back, so that can extend the process” said the creative to Slash Film.

On how the series will be divided and how it will be broadcast Roiland has some idea but says it does not depend on him. “I think if they have ten full episodes they will release them without separating. But I honestly have no idea. It is a matter that is outside my jurisdiction. They do what they think is best for the series”

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If it depended on him, the plans would be very different. “I have been told that we should release one episode a month, to make it a great event. I like the idea of ​​thinking laterally about the way the series is released to the masses. If you do one a month the series is alive throughout the year and you buy us all the time we need to do our best. I’m not saying that’s going to happen, but I’ve been told in the past”

Perhaps the viewers of the series, tormented with waiting periods of a few years in the past, are not very happy to wait a month between chapter and chapter, but it certainly sounds like an interesting approach and would take the expectation one step further. the most popular series tend to generate and are generating conversation in the waiting between new episodes.


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