‘Raising Dion’ Season 2: Netflix Release Date and What We Know So Far

Raising Dion, as you all know is one of the most unlikely hits and binge-able sci-fi offerings of Netflix. It is sure that all the fans and audience who did manage to watch the first season of the astonishing series will be happy to know that Raising Dion is all set to release its second season.

Netflix has confirmed the next season of Raising Dion. The first season of ‘Raising Dion’ is ranked number 10 on the most popular series of Netflix in 2019. After the huge success of season 1, creators have announced that they will launch season 2.

Fans are eagerly waiting for season 2 as season 1 was awesome. Season 1 contains a total of 9 episodes and each episode’s length is between 39-50 minutes. Each episode includes one issue such as in 1st episode; the issue was to raise a superhero, in 2nd episode; the issue was the fortress of solitude, and so on.

We hope that this upcoming season will also become a blockbuster. Maybe it will be on the top 10 Netflix’s popular US series as the previous season listed on no.10. The production will start in early 2021. But we do not have any update regarding the production of the next season. So, we have to wait for a little.

The announcement of the upcoming season was made through video as well as social media (Twitter). In the video, there was a Senegalese artist Bou Bou making a beautiful painting of Dion and his mother Nicole. Also, it was announced on the official account of Raising Dion.

We do not know the pattern of season 2 but we expect that same. Let’s talk about the release date of season 2.

‘Raising Dion’ Season 2 Release Date

From its viewership and popularity, we can say that Raising Dion is among the biggest debut series. That did manage to premiere in the last year. Season 2 of Raising Dion is on its way as you will be reading it.

But there will be so many questions for which you will be curious. You will be wondering about what you can expect from the upcoming season. It is when you will get to see it on Netflix.

Raising Dion Season 2
Raising Dion Season 2

Well, here is the first thing that you will have to keep in mind. if you are reading this article then you will get to know about each and every latest update.

Not only we are going to make sure to provide you details about the release dates. That is for the upcoming season of Raising Dion but also we will ensure to let you know what you can expect. That is from the series to serve you.

Also, you will get to know about the talented and amazing star cast of the series. As there is a large number of fans and viewers who are waiting. It is to know the release dates of the upcoming season of Raising Dion. So we will be happy to let you all know it. 

It is sure that if you did manage to watch the previous season of Raising Dion then you will be hoping for the series to return soon to entertain the audience. You will surely have the wish to know when you can be able to watch the next part of the series.

Well, the production is not completed yet because of the coronavirus pandemic. So, the release will be delayed. We expect that season 2 will be released at end of 2021 or start of the 2022.

Let us now move forward to know about the Netflix premiere date along with all the other things that we know about the second season of the Raising Dion series. Here we did mention everything we know so far about Raising Dion Season 2.

About ‘Raising Dion’

Raising Dion is a Netflix Original Superhero Drama Streaming Television Series that most people love to watch. It is based on the comic book series that happens to be the best-selling one.

The author of the Raising Dion comic book series from which the TV series is made is Dennis Liu. You must know that it is among the best of Netflix’s binge-able sci-fi offerings. So that you will find to stream on Netflix. 

As you all know, the Raising Dion series was originally adapted into a short film. That did premiere back in 2015 of the same name. The series did manage to gain a great amount of popularity and fame. It was since its first episode did release on Netflix.

There is a large number of fans and viewers who keep on showing their love and support. It is for the Raising Dion series and its amazing characters. It is indeed believable that the Raising Dion series has fans rescind in most regions of the world.

Raising Dion Season 2 release
Raising Dion Season 2 release

The series did manage to secure such a place in people’s hearts. So that they all can have been eagerly waiting for the series to release its second and upcoming season. 

Most fans are hoping for the second season of the Raising Dion series to premiere as soon as possible. That is the reason why they all will be more than happy to know. The release dates of the Raising Dion series are moving closer.

The series is becoming more and more popular after the season finale of the first season. It is sure that whenever the second season will release, it will definitely be worth it. That is for the time you have spent waiting for it. You need to know that it takes a few years before the streaming giant is ordering a series for themselves. 

Dennis Liu happens to be the author of the comic book series, Raising Dion. He did make sure to have a great involvement. Liu plays an important part in the production and filming of the Raising Dion series.

He also did manage to direct an episode of the series along with serving as an executive producer for it. It can be seen through watching the first season of the Raising Dion series. It is that the director as well as series creators are working hard enough to make it a successful series. 

Raising Dion is such an interesting series that follows a 7-year-old boy, Dion. He happens to be dealing with some strange and amazing superpowers that he inherited from his father, Mark.

The series reflects a single mom, Nicole, and son Dion. They have to face such a terrible situation due to the loss of Dion’s father. You must know that it is almost a complicated situation that becomes unimaginable. It is only when Dion discovers more about his superpowers.

He happens to have the Matildaesque ability similar to which Dion can be able to levitate the cereal bowl. 

As viewers are going to move forward in the series, they are going to realize it. Dion does not have any single superpower but he has many different abilities. Yes, we are currently talking about Dion’s abilities. Such as telekinesis, levitating, teleportation, invisibility, and the ability to heal, among other strange and exciting abilities.

You must know that it is such a delightful and exciting “Strange powers coming out of nowhere” type of series that you will definitely love to stream on Netflix. 

So you must know that Nicole will, of course, try her best to protect Dion. That is from risky situations and people. There are so many things that the 7-year-old boy, Dion does not know about. It is for the dangerous world and threats that are waiting for him.

As you all know, with strange as well as powerful powers comes the dangerous and biggest threats. The higher level of good powers has the fate to face the greatest level of evil powers. 

One thing is sure. Any person who loves thrill, excitement, action, mystery, drama, and superpowers will like the Raising Dion series. The interesting and exciting story plot is why most people become die-hard fans. It is of the Raising Dion series after only watching the first few episodes of the show. 

‘Raising Dion’ Season 2 Release Date On Netflix

Raising Dion, as you all know is such an amazing and exciting series. Carol Barbee did manage to create it. You must know that the superhero mystery drama television series is the adaptation of the comic of the same name.

In the Raising Dion series, viewers will see Nicole Rees who barely copes with the grief of losing her husband. She tries her best to raise her son, Dion who happens to have some mysterious powers. That he did inherit from his father. It will be great entertainment to watch the Raising Dion series on Netflix. 

Since the Raising Dion series did premiere on 4th October 2019, it manages to have a huge number of fans. There are so many fans as well as viewers who have been looking everywhere to know. It is when the second season of the Raising Dion series will premiere on Netflix.

It is sure that if you will have the wish to know the release dates of Raising Dion Season 2 then you will know it through this article. Raising Dion quickly becomes one of the most favorite and popular shows for thousands of people. 

It is only a few weeks since you all have heard about the official announcement for the second season of Raising Dion. Netflix did confirm Raising Dion Season 2 officially along with confirming Carol Barbee back on board as co-creator and showrunner.

All of the fans and viewers will be more than happy to know that Michael B. Jordan will be returning to serve the Raising Dion series as an executive producer. 

There is no surprise knowing that the Raising Dion series manages to secure the 10th position for the most popular US series. As of 2019, Raising Dion happens to be the best series of the year that most people like to watch on Netflix.

So there is no doubt to believe that the streaming giant is going to bring the series back for its second season. The second part of the series will indeed be more exciting and interesting than the first season. 

As you all know now that we are going to get the second season of Raising Dion, the first thing that you will be curious to know about it is when you will get it. Yes, most fans, as well as critiques, are so curious to know the premiere date of Raising Dion Season 2 on Netflix. It is somewhat disappointing for you all to know that the release date for the upcoming season of Raising Dion is still, a mystery to unravel. 

It is currently uncertain for all the viewers to know the whereabouts of the Raising Dion series. You all must know that the world is suffering from the global pandemic. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there is a large number of TV shows and movies which either got postponed or rescheduled.

The entertainment industry did shut down following the lockdown and social distancing orders. Also, the official announcement of the Raising Dion series renewal happens to be only before a month or so. 

According to reports, the streaming giant was planning to begin the production of the upcoming season of Raising Dion before the end of 2020. However, it will not be possible because of the ongoing global pandemic.

It is sure that the series will continue its filming and production as soon as everything will get back to normal. There is no news yet for the beginning of the filming for Raising Dion Season 2. Yet we believe that the cast members will again reunite to shoot for the next part of the series. 

As of now, there are not any release dates that you can find on the table. But our sources confirm that the cast members of the series did finish their long vacation during the lockdown. Also, you all must believe that the script for the eight exciting episodes of the second season is now well-written, polished, and ready to shoot.

It is essential for all the crew members to slowly ramp up around the globe to begin shooting for the Raising Dion Season 2. Of course, the team will be maintaining and following all the safety precautions while filming for the upcoming season of Raising Dion. 

Carol Barbee sheds some light on what fans and viewers may witness in the eight 1-hour long episodes of Raising Dion Season 2. Here is what Barbee says, “One of my favorite aspects of that is watching Dion watch his parents. I would love to be able to have them have that moment again, just for Dion’s sake, if and when a season two comes along.”

Although there is no official announcement to let fans know that the filming for the Raising Dion series begins, we can assure you that it will begin within a few months. Our best bet will be that the second season of the Raising Dion series will release either in late 2021 or in early 2022. Until then, you all can watch the first season of Raising Dion that is available on Netflix to stream. 

The Cast of ‘Raising Dion’ Season 2 

The fans will indeed be hoping. All the main characters of the Raising Dion series to return in the next part of the series. It is sure that the leading characters will be back in the upcoming season to entertain you all.

You must know that when you are going to watch the Raising Dion series on Netflix. It is uncertain currently, so you can know about the cast members. The cast members of the Raising Dion series, as you all know are so talented and amazing. So that they did manage to create a huge fanbase. 

The Raising Dion series has several talented actors who are trying their best. That is to make this show a success. All the main cast members who will be appearing in the second season include Dion (Ja’Siah Young). Also, Nicole (Alisha Wainwright), Esperanza (Sammi Haney), Suzanne (Ali Ahn), and auntie Kat (Jazmyn Simon).

Sammi Haney informs the fans while having a conversation about reprising her character role. That is to San Antonio Express-News. Sammi says, “It’s actually really exciting. I can’t wait to do it, and acting is actually very fun.”

You must know that Sammi Haney did manage to impress the showrunner Carol Barbee saying, “She doesn’t lead with the chair. She lights up the screen and makes you fall in love with Esperanza.”

Wainwright also mentions her thoughts to Brief Take about what she did enjoy the most. While working on the Raising Dion series. She says, “I would say that my primary takeaway from the show is obviously the gratitude that it’s being received well, but that I get to meet all of these wonderful, talented, creative people in my industry and build my confidence in myself,” 

She adds some more after discussing what she feels like. That is with a sense of responsibility to become one of the main leads of the series. Wainwright says, “The funny thing is that you don’t think about it that way, you just try to be a representation of what you would like other people to do around you, which is to be positive and checking in with people, making sure everyone has what they need… treat others how you want to be treated without making too much of a fuss about it.

She also added, “Don’t put your head down, make eye contact, and shake hands because people appreciate and respect that, but not to complain and not to ignore when something isn’t going right but to be positive and work together toward making a piece of art.”

The fans will be happy as well as excited to know it. Each and every one of their favorite characters will be returning in the Raising Dion series. It will be possible for the viewers to expect Michael B. Jordan to appear. That is in the next part of the series while playing the character of Dion’s father, Mark. There are chances for the audience to see Charlotte AKA Deirdre Lovejoy once again.

There are some fans who are expecting Gavin Munn to play the character role of Jonathan. Also, Jazmyn Simon may certainly appear in the second season of the Raising Dion series. That is surely for her character role as Kat, Dion’s Aunt.

Our best bet is on Griffin Faulkner’s Brayden to return in the upcoming season. But there are many critiques who have been wondering whether Jason Ritter will be returning as a terrible villain from the previous season. Jason Ritter, as he did mention earlier is more than happy to hear about the official renewal of Raising Dion for the new and upcoming season. 

It is sure that all of your favorite and leading characters will be returning to entertain and surprise you in the next season. There will surely be many thrilling and exciting moments that will not let you lose your focus even for a few seconds while you will be watching it. Raising Dion Season 2 will be much more interesting with the talented cast members. Also, there will be some new characters who will be joining the crew of Raising Dion. 

We are sure that you all will be waiting for the new cast members to join the team. So that all the viewers can watch some fresh talents and faces on screen. But the Raising Dion series will surely be going to follow your wish. There will be some amazing and talented actors who are going to appear in the upcoming season of Raising Dion. Until the second part of Raising Dion premieres, you will just have to wait.

What Can You Expect To Happen In ‘Raising Dion’ Season 2?

Raising Dion undoubtedly leaves its audience or viewers craving for more at the end of each and every episode. Given the major cliffhanger in the season 1 finale, it will be uncertain and unpredictable as to where the series is heading.

It is sure that almost all the fans will be surprised and shocked to see who the actual villain is at the end of the final episode of the previous season. There are surely so many loose ends that the fans can expect to tie up in the next part of the Raising Dion series. 

As you all have seen in the final episode of Raising Dion Season 1, Pat is the villain with bad motives. You may now know Pat as the Crooked Man who did gain the powers from the aurora event just the same as Dion.

Pat happens to be present in Iceland in 2010 and he gets the same disease after the event. You must know that the disease is growing eventually to kill him despite his storm-like powers. That is why the only way he thinks he can survive is by absorbing other people with similar abilities to himself.

As you all know, there are always some characters in the series that are evil and bad. That is the only reason why most viewers find such shows interesting and exciting. It is sure that there is not a thing that fans and viewers will have to worry about. In this show, playing the evil character gets done by Pat.

Pat goes to absorb the powers of Charlotte Tuck but he mistakenly absorbs Mark’s powers only to leave him dead. But when Pat finds out that Dion is the only one with healing powers, he decides to use him.

It is indeed shocking to watch Pat finally get his hands on Charlotte Tuck and absorb her abilities. Charlotte was helping Dion every now and then. Although Pat tries subsequently to use Dion’s abilities to cure himself, Dion seems to defeat The Crooked Man with the help of his mother and friends. 

As soon as Dion defeats Pat, The Crooked Man for good, all the souls become free. It is the time when Mark, Dion’s father appears before Nicole and Dion. He finally becomes free from the captivity of Pat. Eventually, Dion promises his father that he will do anything and everything to save Mark’s soul and bring him back to life.

It is sure that Dion will have to find a way to bring back his father and it will not be an easy way. On the other side, the bad soul living inside Pat will get control of Brayden Mills. You should know that Braydon is just like Dion who happens to have inherited supernatural powers from his father. 

In the second season of Raising Dion, the fans will be able to expect a confrontation to take place between Dion and Brayden. These two second-generation gifted individuals will be facing one another.

Through the way the story moves forward, it seems like Dion will be successful enough to bring his father back to life. Also, the next part of the series will shed light on whether Pat is actually gone for good or he will be back again.

The next part of the Raising Dion series will eventually be focussing on Nicole who will be struggling hard to do every possible thing for raising Dion, her son with mysterious and unique powers.

In season 2, there are some things that we can expect such as Dion’s power will look more stunning, the possibility of love for Nicole, maybe Mark will back, all friend’s Power will increase, A superb and dashing suit, and more moments of Nicole and Dion.

The last one will be amazing as most heart touching moments will happen. We can expect that the bond between them will get more strong. There will so many plots in the season. So, you will not get bored throughout the season.

Make sure to stay tuned with us to get all the latest and new updates for Raising Dion Season 2 along with its official Netflix release dates.

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