Production of The Witcher Season 3 Begins Release and cast

Production of The Witcher Season 3 Begins Release and cast

Finally, the fantasy epic of Netflix, The Witcher is set to make a comeback with its 3rd season. The fans have been waiting eagerly to watch more since the last season of the series aired.

It will be September 2021 since we heard that the scripts for the new season are almost ready. Thus, we had already assumed that it wouldn’t take much time for season 3 to arrive.

The Witcher Season 3 Release Date

According to Redanian Intelligence, the production team has started to look out for locations for the production of the new season.

The producer of the series, Steve Gaube has shared a couple of photos of sites in his Instagram handle which can be spotted in the upcoming season.

There is no doubt in it that these sites are mostly forest areas with gnarled trees but what excites the audiences most is the events are planned to be shot in these sites.

Apart from the locations, the producer has also hinted to the viewers about the design of the set through his Instagram post.

The Witcher Season 3 Cast

The producer, in one of his posts, showed the audience’s cranes and huge set pieces with a caption, “ definitely won’t be going smaller in Season 3 of The Witcher.” He also shows some of the props and the gothic, aged windows from the sets. Moreover, one cannot overlook the damp and dark dungeons.

Lauren Hissrich has also dropped a few hints for the viewers by showing off the 1st days of the show’s production on her Instagram handle. Lauren being the showrunner definitely has much said in the decision regarding the final set.

The picture that she has shared has more forests and they look amazing even if not used in the making of the show.

However, we can expect that the shooting for season 3 is going to start very soon. The shooting for the 2nd season took much longer than it was expected to take because of the restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic, infections, and leg injury that Henry Cavill had at that time.

We can hope that the shoot for Season 3 is going to be simple and Geralt will keep himself out of harm this time. Or, at the least, he’ll be safe while he is not battling the horrendous monsters of the books of the Witcher.

There have been hints that the 3rd Season of the fantasy drama is going to be based on the 4th book of The Witcher series by Andrezej Sapkwoski, The Time of Contempt.

As Hissich has even confirmed, the audiences can expect a lot of action. This season the viewers will be introduced to the Army of Elves, Scoia’tael. The storyline for this season is going to be dark as well as harsh.

Lauren Hissrich has even opened up about more deaths that can be witnessed in the new season.

However, The Witchers is a kind of a show where people die now and then but this time audiences can expect some surprising or major deaths. Thus, we can already expect the new season to be the most exciting one.

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