Preview for Boruto 194: the difficult coexistence between the protagonist and Kawaki

The last episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations officially kicked off the new saga entitled Kawaki Arc: Kara Clash. Brought to the Leaf Village by the Hokage himself, it is time for the Vessel to adjust to a completely different lifestyle than he was used to.

The end of the Vessel Arc coincided with the meeting between Naruto and Kawaki, who after trying to escape from the Ryutan police and nearly causing disaster, was taken under l’ala dell’Hokage. Although Shikamaru was against it, Naruto decided to take care of the Vessel, the object of Jigen’s wishes.

Reminding him of his childhood self, Naruto decides to welcome Kawaki in Uzumaki house, but living with Boruto is anything but easy. As you can see from the video preview of episode 194, posted on Twitter by the user Abdul_S17, the two boys are far from happy to live together under the same roof.

In the irreverent preview, Kawaki e Boruto si sfidano even on which of the two should go to the bathroom first. To quell the quarrel we think Naruto, who takes advantage of the law of the strongest by going to the toilet.

The two young protagonists will never manage to put aside each other’s suspicions and to trust each other? Naruto’s behavior differs from that of Boruto’s manga. Let’s find out how. Meanwhile, Boruto’s anime turns 4 years old. Here are the best fight scenes of the year.

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