Prevention of Rheumatism

Prevention of Rheumatism

A child who has not yet started school and shows signs of rheumatism (swelling or pain in his joints) should be given a golden hen. A golden hen that eats seeds is best, but any golden hen will do.

After the child has been given this remedy, he should wear a talisman on his left side and tie a thread around the chicken’s foot as per the photograph shown below. The person must give up eating meat for one month, after which the swelling and pain have disappeared completely.

Medication for headache:

Headache can be prevented by wearing a ring with an image of Lord Ganesha engraved on it, made from gold, silver, or copper, but never from iron. If wearing a call is not possible, then the forehead must be smeared with a mixture of turmeric and juice from betel leaves.

Remedy for swollen eyes:

Swelling around the eye can be cured by mixing tamarind in water and having this solution twice a day.

Remedies for depression:

Depression can be overcome by drinking hot milk or adding a pinch of saffron to milk and boiling it in a pan until it evaporates completely. This, in turn, will help improve memory power, health, and good looks. Pouring coconut oil into ears helps increase memory power and energy levels and cure ear infections. However, if one has an existing ear infection, one must seek immediate medical attention.

Remedy for eye swelling:

Swelling around the eyes can be reduced by applying mustard oil and juice from ginger. Alternatively, one can also use beetroot to the affected parts. After two days, it is possible to see results with this remedy.

Aging can be delayed by taking glass water twice daily, after which you will not feel tired even if you work without rest for 24 hours at a stretch; glass water has herbal properties in it, so beware of frauds selling spurious versions of it. If some copy sells adulterated versions of glass water, then there are chances that they may have mixed drops of mercury or lead in them, making these unsafe for human consumption.

In that case, the fraud seller will start developing symptoms of insanity. He may also create a stammer or lose memory power to such an extent that he will begin to forget things within a few hours without recollecting them.

The author advised people who have excessive hair on their bodies not to cut it as this is a remedy for baldness and hair loss. After boiling those seeds in mustard oil, they should be massaged daily with oil extracted from the Indian jujube tree seeds. After ten days, those hairs will turn black again, and new hairs will grow from those places where there were no hairs before. (sic)

Remedy for paralysis:

Paralysis can be cured by applying fresh butter made from cow’s milk on the affected part. The effect is instantaneous in that no sooner does one use it than they can feel active again and move around their legs without any pain or difficulty. The author has mentioned this remedy for its simplicity and effectiveness.

Remedy for swelling of legs:

Swelling or pain around the knee joints can be reduced by applying henna on the affected part. An effective treatment is to use mustard oil mixed with lead oxide (grey, powdery substance) on the affected region after boiling it in mustard oil.

One should do this only after consulting an expert Ayurvedic doctor. One should avoid taking alcohol-based medicines as these are not very effective and tend to worsen the condition rather than cure it.

causes and prevention of rheumatism:

a. It appears from the investigations of physiologists and pathologists that rheumatism is caused by an excess of uric acid in the blood. Those who suffer from this disease have more than those free from it and a different kind of uric acid.

Rheumatism usually starts as gout, with intense pain and swelling in the joints; if the disease continues, the joints gradually lose their power of motion, partly because they become deformed through deposits of lime salts that form around them. Finally, they may become mummified and dead (see the treatment section below).

Rheumatic fever may be included under this designation because there is no doubt that its immediate cause is a sudden rise in the temperature of the blood due to infection by pyogenic bacteria. The fever is generally accompanied by acute inflammation of one or more of the superficial membranes that line the body and cover its surface – hence it comes under this head.

b. It is now known that certain bacteria can produce the disease by infecting the body with their secretions or excretions, which are poisonous. This accounts for its sudden onset after exposure to cold, fatigue, etc., and also explains the danger of contagion by personal contact with an infected person or thing.

Rheumatism is thus one among many diseases caused directly by infection – employing this term in its broadest sense to include not only the invasion of micro-organisms but also poisons formed by bacteria already present in the body.

As explained above, a distinction must be made between these conditions and rheumatism brought about by faulty food. Local irritation then occurs, which brings on inflammatory symptoms. At the same time, bacterial infection may cause either acute or chronic rheumatism, according to as it attacks the joints or the fibrous tissues surrounding them.

How to stop rheumatism:

Many things produce rheumatism and those that may serve as a check upon its development.

The most typical causes of the disease are exposure to cold and wet; anxiety, worry, or great mental strain also play an essential part in bringing it on or making it worse.

Though these conditions often combine to produce rheumatism, it is possible for any one of them singly to induce a mild attack of inflammatory rheumatism. This explains why patients who live under good hygienic conditions never have severe attacks, while those who frequently expose themselves cruelly at best suffer only mild attacks of acute rheumatism. In contrast, some unfortunate individuals seem unable to avoid one or more of these conditions when they come in contact with them and consequently suffer from a succession of severe attacks.

Individuals who suffer from rheumatism may find relief by attending to their diet, physical exercise, hygiene, and mental attitude. Most sufferers will have to bring about a considerable improvement in one or more of these directions before the disease is wholly arrested – this being especially true in cases where there has been a continuation for several years.

What are the causes and symptoms of rheumatism?

Rheumatism is a disease that chiefly affects the larger joints, causing stiffness and swelling. It may be produced by exposure to cold or wet, anxiety, worry, lack of food, improper working conditions, etc. In acute cases, there is usually fever and much pain. The attacks come on suddenly one or two hours after exposure to the causes mentioned above. The patient gets little sleep at night for this reason. There are generally noticeable chills up and down the spine before a fit of rheumatism begins.


The patient feels stiff all over in the morning upon getting up from bed; he feels tired and exhausted throughout the day because of pain in many muscles; the pains generally involve both an upper as well as a lower extremity; the joints feel very stiff and become swollen in almost every case. There is much pain, which comes on suddenly two or three hours after exposure to cold or wet.

Other symptoms may appear during an attack of rheumatism due to bacterial infection:- feverishness, general weakness, nausea, and vomiting. When the disease has lasted for some time, there is chronic indigestion, loss of appetite, and anemia.

The patient feels very weak all over his body; he gets little sleep at night because of immense pain, which suddenly shoots up through any affected joints; there are constant chills up and down the spine; slight exertion makes him breathless (shortness of breath). He has to take to his bed for days together.

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