Gigi Hadid Pregnancy Of Rises An Important Question: Who Is The Father?

Gigi Hadid, as you all know, is an American model that happens to have fame and popularity. Born on 23 April 1995, Jelena Noura Gigi Hadid who did sign to IMG models since 2013. She became famous ever after since she made her debut entry to the top 50 models at in 2014. This American fashion model got famous when Gigi was declared as the International Model of the Year in 2016. If we look at the history of how she became famous then some may find it inspiring enough.

Fans will surely be happy to know the exciting news and that is not her beauty, fame, figure, or relationships. But the fascinating news is Gigi Hadid is pregnant and she was the only one to confirm this heart-warming news. She did announce this amazing news on the popular show “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Falon”. All the fans are congratulating Gigi Hadid for the good news over her social media account. There were comments all over the Ig account that makes her one of the happiest celebrity. But that leads fans curious to know about the big question who the father is.

The Big Question: Who Is The Father?

There are several rumors that have been howling over the social media and Tyler Cameron does not miss it. Tyler was the one who the fans think will be the father of Gigi’s child. But that is just a rumor as Tyler himself did confirm that he is literally not the father of Gigi’s child. Fans did ask him in the comments on one of his posts but he declined it jokingly.

The 25-year old fashion model also dated one of the former “One Direction” singer, Zayn Malik. It is exciting to know that Gigi is expecting a baby girl with the handsome celebrity Zayn Malik. The duo did separate by October after they were together last year at the end of summer. Gigi and Zayn are happy, excited, and blessed to get all the well wishes from their fans and supporters.

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