Paradise PD Season 5: Will It Return For Another Season?

Is season 5 planned for the animated adult animation series? As you can tell by the title, we’re looking forward to season 5 of Paradise PD. Since word of a fourth season of the animated police drama Paradise PD spread, viewers have been eager for updates. The show is quite well-liked by the younger demographic.

Season 4 of Paradise Police Department will premiere soon. The four-part series has us on the edge of our seats. While we can’t wait to get into Paradise PD Season 4, we can’t help but feel a little melancholy that it’s the last. It has been reported that Season 4 will be the last. The audience out there is frightened because of this. Are these rumors true?

Paradise PD Season 5 Renewal Status

The fifth season of Paradise PD will not air. Fans of the show will likely find this news disappointing, but unfortunately, season 5 of Paradise PD will not be produced. Last year, Netflix announced that they will be ordering a fourth and final season.

Paradise PD Season 5 Release Date

Is there any word yet on when Paradise PD Season 5 will premiere? Did you catch wind of the contract extension? Will there be more seasons of the show? Unfortunately, there have been no developments regarding the fifth season of the show. The speculation is true; the show could cease after Season 4. Paradise PD will finish with Season 4, according to the producing company. Netflix has made its last official announcement. There will be no further episodes of the show. The popular Netflix comedy will not return for a fifth season.

There are currently no confirmed or anticipated premiere dates for Season 5 of Paradise Police Department. We were hoping for a new season just as much as you were. The show’s ratings have been quite high. However, it appears that four seasons were always intended for the show’s run. The recent claims from Netflix have angered fans. We were very taken with the show’s compelling plot. That’s why we were so interested in hearing about the show’s upcoming seasons, but it appears that we’ll have to say farewell to Paradise PD after all.

About Paradise PD 

Dana Snyder, Cedric Yarbrough, David Herman, Tom Kenny, Sarah Chalke, and Kyle Kinane feature in the Netflix original series Paradise PD, which launched in August 2018. The series was created by Roger Black and Waco O’Guin. The series followed the exploits of a motley small-town police department as they attempted a major narcotics raid.

Paradise PD Cast

  • Sarah Chalke and Donna Jay Fulks as Gina Jabowski, a psychotic and violent police officer who is the most feared enforcer in the town of Paradise.
  • David Herman as Kevin Crawford, a newly hired police officer and the son of Chief Randall Crawford and Mayor Karen Crawford.
  • Tom Kenny as Chief Randall Crawford, the police chief of Paradise PD and Kevin’s father.
  • Kyle Kinane as Bullet, an anthropomorphic police dog who is addicted to the confiscated drugs that he is tasked with guarding.
  • Cedric Yarbrough as Gerald “Fitz” Fitzgerald, a police officer whose PTSD sometimes hinders his police work.
  • Dana Snyder as Dusty Marlow, an obese police officer who is constantly sexually harassed by Gina.
  • Snyder also voices Stanley Hopson, an elderly bisexual police officer who often gets out-of-the-ordinary assignments from Chief Crawford.
  • Grey Griffin as Mayor Karen Crawford, the mayor of Paradise, Kevin’s mother, and Randall’s ex-wife.
  • Waco O’Guin as Robbie, a blonde redneck who sells argyle meth.
  • Roger Black as Delbert, Robbie’s adoptive brother, best friend and sidekick who also sells argyle meth
  • Dana Snyder as Thester Carbomb IV, Fitz’s assistant and therapist, first appears in the season two episode Paradise Found.
  • John Dimaggio as Mrs. Whiskers, a crazy alley cat. She makes a cameo appearance in the first season of Farzar.

Paradise PD Season 5 Trailer

Season 5 of Paradise Police Department has not been confirmed, but fans can take solace in the last season’s trailer. Chief Randall Crawford, Deputy Dusty Marlowe, and Officer Kevin Crawford are all shown in the trailer making a comeback appearance. In addition, it hints at the introduction of some intriguing new characters and developments in the story.

Where to watch Paradise PD?

Paradise Police Department’s audience was dismayed to find that a fifth season had not been ordered. The first four seasons, however, are still accessible in a variety of formats. The first three seasons are already streamable on Netflix, and the fourth is scheduled for release on that service on December 15, 2022.


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