Ozark season 3: Julia Garner reveals how Ruth is changed

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Ozark season 3: Julia Garner reveals how Ruth is changed

Are you wondering how seasons three of Ozark will turn up now? Well, you will find Ruth continuing to evolve this season. In the last seasons, Ruth struggled with an identity crisis and later on discovered who she was. Garner did a small tease about her task of playing Ruth, and the character is now different this time.

Ozark Season 3
Ozark Season 3

Last season Ruth was perplexed to identify herself either as Langamore or a Bryde, but here in season three, you will find Ruth more confident.  With the interview with Vulture, Garner out some details about her role in this season.

Ozark season 3: Netflix

She said that playing the role of Ruth in season three was challenging and she furthermore explained that the core of the characterization of evolution would be the same as the expectations of the fans.

Ruth doesn’t process anything dramatic it’s the same even with her father’s death. Garner says that her character has things that don’t catch up quickly and it explodes. The actress did point out that this is the same scenario with Ruth when her uncle passes away and that got played in the latter part of the show.

Garner’s character has quite the similar journey that of the Ozark Season 3. She has once in her life failed to process and react to a dramatic effect on her life. Though she has to follow up the same routine in the series, she does say this season will be in a different way this time.

Right from the past two seasons, Garner is pushing herself to do uncomfortable things to no justification for the role of Ruth. She did say that she has to overcome her fears to make the Ruth character lively. She said she hated rodents and started hyperventilating during the filming process.

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