ODD TAXI will be on Crunchyroll this spring

Another of the confirmed titles for simulcast spring in the Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2021 is ODD TAXI which will be seen from April on the platform at the same time as in Japan, as usual.


This town may seem familiar, but suddenly it stops being so.

Odokawa is a taxi driver who leads a fairly simple life. He does not have a family, he does not interact much with others, and he is a very particular person who does not usually speak much or open up with anyone. The only people he can consider friends are his doctor, Gouriki, and Kakibana, an old high school / high school classmate.

All of his clients are also quite strange. Kabasawa, the university student who wants the world to notice him on the networks. Shirakawa, a nurse with quite a few secrets. The Homosapiens, a comedic duo that does not have a moment of rest. Dobu, a local thug. Mystery Kiss, a group of idols who have just started … But their seemingly mundane conversations with their clients will end up leading to a missing girl.

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