NHL 23 Game Mode Updates

NHL 23 is a hockey game for players who admire playing hockey and provides the best features and modes to the players interested in the game. The best feature of NHL 23 is to add of a women’s cricket team to the game, and it also introduced a lot of changes to fulfill the expectation of the interested players. These modes have changed the perspective of the game and made it more interesting for the players.

There are the following game mode updates that players can enjoy while playing NHL 23 game:

  • World Of Chel
  • Hockey Ultimate Team
  • EA Sports Hockey League (EASHL)
  • Be A Pro
  • Cross-Platform Matchmaking

Features of the World Of Chel

World Of Chel is the most famous and favorite updates of NHL 23, and players have appreciated this mode a lot. World Of Chel is considered more friendly to the players due to its new user interface and new game menu. 

In NHL 23, World of Chel presents players with many different ways to engage with the game and experience everything that makes hockey great. 

The World of Chel offers a variety of ways to express yourself. Players can express themselves individually, take part in arcade-style competitions, or even join a club and work together to reach greatness. New players to NHL 23’s World of Chel might find it intimidating and a bit overwhelming to get started. In no time at all, any fan will be able to feel right at home with a few simple changes and experience in the game.

There are the following enhancements that have been made in this mode:

  • Players have the ability to customize the players that they choose during the game from each screen.
  • It also provides ease in the navigation of the target when the players are at a party.
  • It provides the players the opportunity to move their part wherever they want, even from one mode to another.
  • Adding friends to World of Chel is now easier than ever with a new social widget.

Hockey Ultimate Team Features

The NHL 23 Hockey Ultimate Team mode allows players to construct teams made up of the world’s best players. It is possible to create teams made up of current NHL players, legendary NHL players from the past, international players, and even junior hockey players in Canada. It is often these players that are very interested in keeping up with prospects. To earn more NHL 23 coins or packs, players need to complete challenges or win games, or they can utilize real-world cash to Buy NHL 23 Coins.

EA Sports Hockey League (EASHL)

A new EA Sports Hockey League will provide players with the opportunity to team up with friends and work on a hockey team. Division 1 could be your goal, and you could become the most successful team in the league. Every player uses the same pro in the EASHL, regardless of the position you are locked into. It will therefore be up to the player to figure out which position in NHL 23 you like best and strive to become the best in that position. The divisions advance according to the points a team earns, and the highest division is Division 1. Every club earns rank points, as well as a hockey bag filled with items to customize their club’s experience, including a new logo, uniform, and arena items.

Be A Pro mode features.

One of the most popular modes in NHL 23 is Be a Pro. The reason is that it helps the players to fulfill their dreams of becoming professionals, although through a virtual environment. Even though the game offers a variety of modes, only one truly lets the player become a professional player.

It tries to recreate the reality of ice hockey professionals as accurately as possible in the Be a Pro mode of NHL 23. As a result, requesting a trade becomes more complicated, and players can only do so after they begin a new career. In the beginning, players finish the preseason and then continue with the regular season. Earlier trade requests are possible but likely to be rejected.

Players will improve gradually as the season progresses. By unlocking conversations within the game, they will be able to request a trade, making them more appealing to suitors. As part of the Be a Pro Mode, players must communicate with their GM. With NHL 23, you can do it quite quickly through the Conversation Notification once it has been unlocked. In the dedicated game mode, the player can find this option on the main menu.

Cross-Platform Matchmaking

Xbox and Playstation users can face off against each other in NHL 23 through its cross-platform matchmaking. It is possible to play against players on both PS4 and Xbox One. Players of the Xbox Series X|S can also compete against those of the PlayStation 5.

Nevertheless, cross-platform matchmaking allows players to match up against each other in online modes. However, players who play on different consoles cannot invite their friends to their game mode to squad up with them. Several crossplay features will be added to future NHL games, according to EA.

Who will you be playing against?


  • PS4 with or versus PS4
  • PS4 versus Xbox One

Xbox One

  • Xbox One with or versus Xbox One
  • Xbox One versus PS4


  • PS5 with or versus PS5
  • PS5 versus Xbox Series X|S

Xbox Series X|S

  • Xbox Series X|S with or versus Xbox Series X|S
  • Xbox Series X|S versus PS5

In NHL 23, EA Sports has acknowledged the challenges of keeping all players on one server. There were previously different servers for different users. Despite this, EA Sports has announced they have addressed desynchronization issues between the two console platforms.EA Sports Hockey League, Hockey Ultimate Team, World Of Chel, and the Be A Pro mode are some of the most popular game modes of NHL 23 that players prefer to play the most. You can enjoy playing these excellent modes by getting NHL 23 Coins from MMOPIXEL.


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